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Merry Gridlock

Streetsblog's Aaron Naparstek talks with drivers about their commute and congestion pricing.

Illustrating Parking Reform with Dr. Shoup

Dr. Donald Shoup illustrates with toy cars and a table-sized model of NYC streets the benefits of proper parking pricing.

Astor Playa 2007: TOPP at Burning Man

Employees of TOPP went out to the Nevada desert to put on a showcase of livable streets.

Ciclovia: Bogotá, Colombia

In Part 1 of our Bogotá trilogy watch as every Sunday & holiday, every week, the City of Bogotá, Colombia closes down over 70 miles of roadways to cars and let people bike, walk, talk, exercise, picnic, sunbathe, I could go on and on. Just watch the video, it's amazing.

Transportation Ethics

Executive Director Mark Gorton interviews NY Times' Ethics columnist Randy Cohen about urban automobility.

Cyclist(s) of the Month: The Neistat Brothers

The Neistat Brothers offer up anecdotes about their bicycling films and views about transportation in NYC in general.

Bay Ridge Express Bus Riders Discuss Congestion Pricing

Brooklynites talk about the travails of riding buses from Bay Ridge to lower Manhattan.

A Walk around the Upper West Side

Mark Gorton and neighbor Lisa Sladkus point out traffic calming features they'd like see on the UWS.

Clowns Liberate Bike Lanes

Bicycling clowns use humor to enlighten motorists parked in bike lanes.

NYC Streets Renaissance with Jan Gehl

Jan Gehl headlines an exciting livable streets event at the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan.

Street Transformations – Upper West Side

We take three before & after photosims, manipulate them and add music. Voila! You've baked a livable streets cake!!

UWS Streets Renaissance: Amsterdam Avenue

Mark Gorton and neighbor Lisa Sladkus point out Amsterdam Avenue's speed geometry.

UWS Streets Renaissance: Space Allocation

Mark Gorton and neighbor Lisa Sladkus examine how the width of sidewalks affects the pedestrian environment.

UWS Streets Renaissance: Double Parking

Mark Gorton and neighbor Lisa Sladkus point out the perils of double parking on the UWS.

Clarence: The Purple Traffic Calming Wizard

The Purple Traffic Calming Wizard chats with the hoi polloi to find out what peeps think about the physically separated bike path on 9th Ave.