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10 Things to Be Thankful for on Gridlock Alert Days

Each year, New York City DOT and the MTA create a Holiday Traffic Mitigation Plan to ensure that traffic flows as smoothly as possible throughout the busy holiday season. You can do your part by taking mass transit whenever possible, especially on gridlock alert days (when traffic is expected to he heavy enough to warrant […]

Fans & Advocates Select their favorite Streetfilms!

For the end of this year, Streetfilms decided to do something fun: ask some of the most influential livable streets advocates, personalities, journalists and web folk which of the 90 films we produced this year impacted them most.  Since we hit our millionth visitor this week and have recorded close to 2.5 million videos plays […]

Making a Better Market Street in San Francisco

For decades, planners and transportation specialists have debated how San Francisco's most important street could be re-visioned to  make it work better for transit, pedestrians, cyclists, shoppers, and those living on or near it. Now, as the Better Market Street Project moves forward with trial traffic diversions, the Art in Storefronts project, music and programming […]

Copenhagen’s Climate-Friendly, Bike-Friendly Streets

Tens of thousands of people from nearly every nation on earth have descended on Copenhagen this month for the UN climate summit. As the delegates try to piece together a framework for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, they're also absorbing lessons from one of the world's leading cities in sustainable transportation. In Copenhagen, fully 37 percent […]

Cast Your Vote!

Cast your vote for the inaugural People Powered Movement Photo Contest.

SAVE THESE DATES: January 5th, 6th & 19th!

We are gonna kick off 2010 the right way - with a big Streetfilms screening/celebration in the Penthouse of our new office!  It will be full of excellence, pomp, and adventure. So clear the date on your blackberry or iphone now: Tuesday, January 19th from 6 to 9 PM.  Besides plenty of mingling and drinks, […]

Bicycle Boulevards for NYC

Bicycle boulevard design uses a variety of techniques to create low-traffic, low-speed streets where cyclists mix comfortably with cars. They’re very popular in Portland and Berkeley, two cities with high bicycle mode-share. Here in New York, though, they don’t seem to be part of the playbook yet. In this Streetfilm we ask: Why not?

The View from atop the High Bridge

Back in October as part of the Walk21 conference, I was very lucky to be able to accompany a small group of international pedestrian experts on an exclusive walking tour of the High Bridge, which has been closed to the public for nearly 40 years. Since Streetfilms is all about sharing, we interviewed a few […]

Biking Rules PSAs Featured in Streetfilms Community Videos

As you may know, Transportation Alternatives put on a red carpet premiere Tuesday night for the "Biking Rules" PSA competition at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The contest pitted video entries against each other in two main categories: "Why Biking Rules" and "Street Code."  Videos in the Street Code category encourage people to use lights, […]

Veronica Moss Visits Times Square

She's back! The woman you love to hate (and hate not to love) Veronica Moss, a Washington, D.C. lobbyist for the Automobile User Trade Organization (A.U.T.O.) In this "chapter", she's getting her first gander ever at the new pedestrian-friendly Times Square and she invited Streetfilms along to record her virgin journey.

William Lind: A Conservative Voice For Public Transportation

Political conservative, transit advocate, William Lind provides his views on how "liberal transit advocates" can build bipartisan support for public transportation (okay, just rail) in terms that conservatives can relate to.

Bicycling is UP again in the Big Apple!

On the heels of 2008's unprecedented growth of 35% in commuter cycling, this year the New York City Department of Transportation measured an additional gain of 26%, putting the total 2007 to 2009 increase at a whopping 66%!

Mr. Blumenauer goes to New York City to ride bikes

Rep. Earl Blumenauer dropped by Transportation Alternatives' offices to take a quick excursion around mid-town with Executive Director, Paul Steely White, and Senior Policy Director, Noah Budnick. They checked out a few standard (painted) bike lanes and some of the newer (physically separated) facilities, of which the latter Mr. Blumenauer thought were superior. Along the way he offered much commentary about the state of biking and livable streets in the nation.

San Francisco: 350 Climate Action

350 parts per million. That’s the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide beyond which many scientists warn the earth’s climate may begin to spiral out of control. At higher concentrations, they say, heat-reflecting ice sheets will disappear and permafrost will melt, releasing vast amounts of additional greenhouse gases and driving sea levels higher in a vicious […]

Streetfilms is sporting a new ‘do!

It's been a long time coming, but Streetfilms finally has a new look that we hope will help visitors find more of their favorite films (check out fun rotating categories like, "Ciclovia Explosion!") and ultimately watch more movies and spread the love amongst your fellow advocates. The first change you'll probably notice: our home page […]