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Happy Winter Solstice 2011: Make Music NY Comes to the F-Line

Making the darkest day of the year a little brighter, Make Music NY (Winter) decided to hold a series of musical parades on December 21st. One of the events was Thru-Line from James Holt, MATA & The Knights, which took place on the NYC MTA's subway F line.  From 7 to 8 pm, you could […]

2011 Odds & Ends: Bonus Video Clips for Our Fans

This was a great year for us at Streetfilms.  And to show our appreciation to our supporters we figured we'd go the extra mile and post some really fun, oddball, and poignant moments we came across while filming this year.  Most of these clips are 30 seconds or less, take a gander and have fun […]

Celebrating NYC Bicycling 2011: A Tribute

Cycling in New York City overcame a much undeserved, unfair, zealous media bombardment in 2011.  But as usual we just kept biking and NYC's numbers kept growing - doubling since 2007. And as demonstrated over and over, public opinion polls show cycling & bike lanes enjoy broad support in the general public, a fact that […]

Give This Week and Levi’s Commuter Jeans Could Be Yours

I’m pleased to announce that thanks to an outpouring of support these past two weeks, Streetsblog and Streetfilms are more than halfway to our goal of raising $25,000 by the end of the year. If you haven’t given yet and you value the high-impact reporting and videos that we produce day in and day out, […]

Photos from our Streetfilms & Streetsblog Gala Event!

Thanks to the over 100 of you who turned out for our annual fundraiser "Streets of the Future" at Bicycle Habitat in Brooklyn back in November. We were able to raise thousands of dollars to help fund our continued work.  We especially want to thank our sponsors: Velojoy.com, Cycles Gladiator, Brooklyn Brewery, Adam White and […]

Support Streetfilms in 2012!

Dear Streetfilms fans, Thanks to your help, Streetfilms is helping affect dramatic change in cities. Whether you live in Chicago or Tokyo, Streetfilms’ mission is to bring the livable streets movement to you by making films that show the best in bicycling, transit, pedestrian infrastructure, and public spaces. And with your donation today, we can […]

Kinzie Street: The First of Many Protected Bike Lanes for Chicago

In his campaign for mayor, Rahm Emanuel pledged to make Chicago a more bike-friendly city. And in office, he set his sights high, aiming to construct 100 miles of protected bike lanes in his first term. His team wasted no time. Chicago DOT installed the city's first protected bike lane on Kinzie Street before Emanuel's […]

It’s a “Gridlock Alert” Day! Don’t Drive!

With apologizes to "Star Trek" we offer up this 30 second PSA for the holiday season Streetfilms-style. For years we've been pretty annoyed at the standard portable billboards and flashing signs distributed on streets to warn "(insert day) is a Gridlock Alert day, please use mass transit",  Well, we thought we'd spend 10 minutes editing […]

Streetfilms Q&A: Mia Birk

  Streetfilms:  As you have traveled the country for Alta and been a part of so much positive change for bicycling, have you seen Streetfilms' influence? Mia Birk:  In the past year, I've visited more than 60 cities in 15 states and 3 Canadian Provinces, giving speeches and conducting trainings. At practically every one of […]

Critical Mass is Alive and Well: Guadalajara’s Paseo de Todos

Walking and bicycling in Guadalajara can be dangerous in many parts of the city, but there's a big movement among many citizens to alter that. GDL en Bici is a group of wonderful citizens and bicycle advocates who have been organizing multiple weekly bike rides for years, and nothing is more impressive then their first […]

Streetfilms Visits Guadalajara to Ride with Thousands!

Clarence Eckerson Jr. with Gil Penalosa, Executive Director of 8-80 Cities at Guadalajara's RecreActiva. (Photo Gil Penalosa) Despite being saddled with a bad back & hip issues, I was thrilled to be able to visit Guadalajara, Mexico last week. Thanks to the kindness of my hosts, Guadalajara 2020, I was able to see much of […]

My NYC Biking Story: Dr. Janice Turner

We are back with another installment of our hit series, "My NYC Biking Story." Recently Streetfilms spent the afternoon with Dr. Janice Turner in the South Bronx, and we toured some of her favorite waterfront trails. As a recreational cyclist for forty-plus years and a board member of Sustainable South Bronx, Dr. Turner believes that […]

“Running Man” Crosswalk Countdown Timer in Guadalajara

I've started to see a slew of countdown timers popping up all over Queens & Manhattan of late, but this one I saw while in Guadalajara last week surely ups the fun quotient of crossing the street, not to mention evoking a chuckle or two. It's not as if I haven't seen countdown signals with […]

Self-Reliance Grows in the Utrecht Traffic Garden

In the Dutch city of Utrecht, kids start learning about traffic safety long before they prepare for a driver's license. And not just "look both ways before you cross the street." The school curriculum includes regular field trips to the local "traffic garden." The City of Utrecht has used this facility, a streetscape in miniature, […]

Groningen’s Green Phase for Cyclists

Groningen is the largest city in the northern region of the Netherlands. With 57 percent of all trips in the city made by bike, it has acquired the title "World Cycling City." In Groningen, even the large multi-lane roads have been tamed for safe cycling. At this intersection on the main ring road around Groningen, cyclists […]