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Streetfilms Q&A: Donovan Finn

Streetfilms:  The 78th Playstreet in Jackson Heights has been an enormous success the last few years.  How have the Playstreet Streetfilms helped? Donovan Finn: I don’t think you can easily quantify how much mileage we’ve gotten out of those two videos. Locally, we’ve promoted them on our website and community listervs and bulletin boards  to […]

Streetfilms Shortie: Walk to School Celebration in NYC

Yesterday was International Walk to School Day, and on Tuesday, a group of NYC students and supporters got a head start on the celebration.  Nearly 4,000 schools across the United States participated in Walk to School Day according to the National Center for Safe Routes to School, who helps organize the event.  This year, the […]

Streetfilms talks to Harvard about the Art of Advocacy Filmmaking

On September 19th, Loeb Fellow and Streetsblog founder Aaron Naparstek put together a "Streetfilms Movie Night" at Harvard that enticed 130 folks to come meet Streetfilms' Director Clarence Eckerson Jr.  The hour long program featured a myriad of  favorites from over the years including "Revisiting Donald Appleyard's Livable Streets" to "Cycling Copenhagen thru North American Eyes" to  "Clarence the Traffic Calming Sasquatch".

Minneapolis’s Midtown Greenway: Good for Bikes, Good for Business

In the increasingly heated competition to see who deserves the title of America's most bike-friendly city, Minneapolis has plenty going for it. Last year Bicycling magazine anointed the city tops in the nation, knocking Portland off its long-held perch. The Twin Cities are undergoing a steady transformation into a more bike-oriented region thanks to nearly […]

Streetfilms Inspires Bike Share in Portland

A few weeks ago, Portland, Oregon's City Council voted 4-1 to fund the development of a public bike share system in the Rose City.  Right before the vote, Dan Bower made a presentation about the proposed project to the City Council, during which he screened our recent video, Nice Ride MN: Minnesota's Bike Share Expands.  We […]

Ten Years After Redefining BRT, What’s Next for TransMilenio?

Three years ago Streetfilms brought you a comprehensive look at Bogotá, Colombia's TransMilenio, the world's most advanced Bus Rapid Transit system. TransMilenio changed the way Bogotá residents think about public transportation, becoming indispensable to the 1.7 million people who use the system daily. If anything, the bus network became a victim of its own success, […]

Breathtaking Bike Infrastructure: Minnesota’s Martin Olav Sabo Bridge

In 2007, in order to route cyclists away from a challenging 7-lane crossing on busy Hiawatha Avenue, Minneapolis built the Martin Olav Sabo Bridge. The first cable-stayed bridge of any kind in the state, it’s breathtaking, even to the people who have been riding it for years. It provides a safe, continuous crossing and offers up […]

Discover Pop-Up Cafés with Streetfilms & ioby

We've just teamed up with the amazing movers and shakers at ioby to help realize the potential of NYC streets as places for people and not cars.  Ioby connects local resources with local environmental projects, so that donors can directly benefit from the initiatives they support.  Is that a great idea, or what?  We think […]

Riding Bogota’s Bountiful Protected Bikeways

Since 1998, Bogotá, Colombia has built more than 300 kilometers of protected bikeways. Streetfilms recently had the chance to explore the city's bike network with the man responsible for building it, former mayor Enrique Peñalosa. "When we build very high quality bicycle infrastructure, besides protecting cyclists, it shows that a citizen on a $30 bicycle […]

The Phenomenal Success of Capital Bikeshare

Nearly three years ago Streetfilms took a day trip to Washington, D.C. to see their Smart Bike DC  in action.  We found the trial bike share system a fun ride with great potential, but with only 120 bikes there wasn't a great sense of widespread use. Flashforward to 2011 and with over 1100 bicycles and 110 […]

My NYC Biking Story: Gabri Christa

Choreographer and filmmaker Gabri Christa commutes to work on her trusty Dutch bike from her home in Staten Island to her office in Rockefeller Center, and to rehearsals and performances all over the city.  On her morning commute, she catches the free Staten Island Ferry, meets up with friends, and then hops on the Hudson […]

It’s Just Like Riding A Bicycle…

I have to admit, when City Council Transportation Committee Chair Bill Rosendahl's office first approached us about the Councilman taking a bike safety class, my first thought was "this will be hilarious."  Despite being a strong supporter of cyclists rights at the City Council, Rosendahl would often declare that he hadn't ridden a bike in […]

Nice Ride MN: Minnesota’s Bike Share Expands

Nice Ride MN is a hit. The Twin Cities bike share recently celebrated its one year anniversary in June.  And in July they started an expansion by adding more stations and bicycles to the network. We talked with Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak who told us about how they got Nice Ride MN off the ground: […]

East River Bridges: 100 Years of Free Rides Take Their “Toll”

The NYC Bridge Centennial Commission, co-founded by "Gridlock" Sam Schwartz, organized a re-enactment today near the Williamsburg Bridge, calling attention to the hundredth anniversary of the last toll collected on the East River bridges. Mayor William J. Gaynor's century-old decision to eliminate bridge tolls translates to a cumulative loss of $31 billion in potential revenue […]

Contested Streets: Breaking New York City Gridlock

Produced in 2006 as part of the New York City Streets Renaissance Campaign, Contested Streets explores the history and culture of New York City streets from pre-automobile times to present.  This examination allows for an understanding of how the city --- though the most well served by mass transit in the United States --- has […]