Streetfilms Bike Lane Inspirations (and 50 others to use!)

This latest bike montagery fun comes to you from Austin, Texas where they are in the process of completing the 3rd Street protected cycle track, an integral link thru the city connecting a gap in the Lance Armstrong Bikeway which is heavily used by commuters and recreational cyclists.

Although there will be more about this bike lane in an upcoming Streetfilm on Austin, I've taken to posting up quick montages of many innovative and safe bike treatments I see in my travels because so many say it's easier to use a crisp 1 minute video in presentations or to pass around to advocates.

I did the same a few months ago while in London.

And also in Washington, DC on 1st Street NW.

But really we have over fifty Streetfilms from over the years when it comes to protected bike lanes. If your city or neighborhood is having trouble getting quality lanes, you really should use them. Browse them via this link, and, please embed them in blog posts, download them directly or show your community at a screening or gathering. That's what they're there for!