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6th Annual Memorial Ride and Walk

On Sunday, the NYC Street Memorial Project held the 6th Annual Memorial Ride and Walk. According to the New York City Department of Transportation, 151 pedestrians and 18 bicyclists were killed on the streets of New York City in 2010. Participants called for stronger measures to reduce traffic fatalities. The ride culminated by installing a "Ghost Bike" in front of Brooklyn Borough Hall for the unnamed pedestrians and cyclists killed in 2010.


Leah Todd:  [00:08] Today was the sixth annual memorial ride and walk in honour of cyclists and pedestrians who have been killed in New York City since the beginning of 2010.



Ryan Kuonen:  [00:19] We’re here at the memorial for Neil Chamberlain at the corner of McGuinness and Calyer.  Neil is one the 151 pedestrians that lost their life on the streets of New York City this year, and we’re walking in remembrance of all of them to this spot where Neil was run over.



Will Sherman:  [00:37] Today we ride and walk in honour of Timothy Campbell, Meg Felice Charlop, Fuen Bai, Bob Bowen, Neil Chamberlain, Freddy Andres, Marcus Ewing, Dayshan Geralds, Alprentice Gray, Jasmine Herron, Jerome E Johnson, Jake McDonough, Neville, Dominic Perez, Diego Rodriguez, one unnamed cyclist and countless cyclists and pedestrians whose deaths go unreported and unrecognised every year. 



Leah Todd:  [01:34] And here at Brooklyn Borough Hall we have now converged, all the rides have come together, and we have just honoured all those pedestrians and cyclists whose deaths were never reported.


Caroline Samponaro:  [01:42] Whether you’re biking, walking, taking transit, driving a car, all New Yorkers have the right to travel safely. 


Paco Abraham:  [01:48] I rode on this ride because I don’t want this ride to have to happen anymore.  I want there to be safer streets already.  I mean we’re in front of Borough Hall right now, nice to have borough president present and City Council and everyone just fully on board.


Ryan Kuonen:  [01:58] Pedestrians and cyclists are allies in this fight to make the streets safer, and we need our leadership to recognise that when a street becomes safe, it’s a good thing.   


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  • fred

    How appropriate that the final ghost bike is placed right on Marty Markowitz's doorstep. Hopefully it will serve to remind him that he has a duty to keep Brooklyn's citizens safe.

  • Dave ‘Paco’ Abraham

    thank you for shooting this. its the saddest, but most important ride of the year. it especially hit home for me as we visited a ghost bike just a few blocks from my own hit and run 2 years ago, then rode past the hospital I spent a week in recovering.

  • http://dripshots.com danny a.

    Working as a bike messenger in the
    city, I'm up, down and all around the streets of New York. Having experienced so many "close calls" this ride felt close to my heart. A fatal accident could happen to any bike rider/pedestrian at any given moment. The ghost bikes, the bike lifts are important actions that should remind and show the onlookers that bicycles ARE a legitimate form of transportation. The invention of the car does not eliminate the right of bicycles to be on the road.

  • Sadasdasd

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