Ad Nauseum: Let’s Just Keep Bashing the Bicycle!

Looks like we might have a trend! Following my posting featuring a commercial bashing bicycling as a mode of travel, this holiday season I saw two more ads locally making fun of bicycling/alternative transportation. One which isn't on the internet anywhere is a 30 second spot with a guy who loses a chance at a date cause he rides the bus and doesn't own a car. But I found this recent commercial (which might be airing in other markets outside NYC) which features an angry, car-less, bike-riding woman telling the camera, "You think I like riding this bike to work everyday?!"

Do you think that woman could shake the handle bars a few more times to show how rickety and dangerous her ride seems?

To be honest, car commercials have been poking fun at bicycling for a hella long time. Here's an annoying one from Hyundai in 2011 which portrays bicycling as an outdated mode equivalent to the Zepplin, vintage cellphones, and using a typewriter on your lap at a coffee house.

And here's one for Audi which touts its clean diesel engine while making fun of mass transit users & bicyclists (again note: the wobbly bicyclist trying to maintain his balance!!)

But maybe there's some hope out there since the rest of the advertising world has been embracing bicycling to sell their products. This great, inspirational spot recently popped up on the airwaves for Quaker Up featuring a kid using the energy of his meal to power up the top of a hill.

That kid can sure dream, but at least he is growing up in a world where bicycling is cooler and being taken more seriously.