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Ad Nauseum: Ditch your Bike, Buy a Hyundai and Get the Girl!

A couple of times per year there are usually some ridiculous NYC ads that tout car ownership over the "troubles" of riding transit, being a pedestrian or bike commuting. Most of them are laughably bad and involve much aggrandizement, but the newest one from LIC Hyundai goes straight for the sex appeal: if you're a male bike rider you'll have tough luck with the ladies...so better upgrade yourself to a car so they'll be falling all over you!

The narrator forebodes," This is a story about down and out Andy. Andy never had a car and never had a girl." A ridiculous statement of course, but let's delve closer to see how absurd this commercial is. For example, it appears to have been shot on a greenway or waterfront multi-use path, so why would any woman care whether you were riding a bike or not?

Also notice that not only does Andy have a horribly mangled rim but he's so "down on his luck" he can't even tie his  shoelaces!

But it all doesn't matter in the end. Andy gets convinced by the friendly salesmen at Hyundai to buy a new car and - YES! - he gets the girl! With a sly smile we're told, "We make good things happen at Long Island City Hyundai".

Of course I am sure the ad was meant in good fun, but in a city with such rich transit options, why pick on bicycling? Not to mention that poor Andy is now probably going to be saddled with some crushing debt for years to come for  buying that car!

Reactions? Please leave them below.

  • April Economides

    As Chris Morfas said, "Apparently we've got their attention." :-)

  • McLuvin Bike

    We all know there are plenty of great looking gals out there who love guys on bikes.  No worries here.

  • Johnny in Chicago

    This commercial makes me root for the North Koreans.

  • http://brooklynspoke.wordpress.com Doug G.

    This ad is more insulting to women than to bicyclists, I'd say. It suggests that they're so shallow they can't see beyond what a guy drives.  "Doesn't matter if he's a total jerk...he's got a Hyundai!"

  • Johnny_walker

    Me too! I'm also rooting for them to take your job! Yay for cheap, sexy cars!

  • http://profiles.google.com/toddedelman1 Todd Edelman

    Clarence, oh.... they are reading this so I will write privately.....

  • Beck5776

    Andy has now gained 50lbs, and his girl left him for a cyclist who could last in bed ;

  • Clarence Eckerson Jr.

    Doug - couldn't agree more.  This ad is shallow all the way around.  And as a walker, rider and transit taker it made think - thank goodness I don't hang around with women who value a car over my personality.  Also lost in this ad: just because you ride a bike for commuting doesn't mean you don't have money.  I can think of many, many rich people who don't use a car to get around NYC.

  • Guest

     Ugh, I agree.

  • Anonymous

    I guess this Hyundai dealer forgot about all the flack that GM got for their similar ads aimed at college students last year. http://ladyfleur.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/gm_ad-crop.jpg?w=645

  • Erik Griswold
  • Erik Griswold

    Thanks for the screenshots Clarence, incase the video is unavailable outside the USA.

  • Hilda

    Missing backstory is that he got mangled by a Lexus parked in the bike lane, driven by the ex boyfriend of the girl on the bench. She dumped him when he doored Andy, and is only dating him for revenge. She liked him better on a bike, cause now he's gained a few pounds.

  • Clarence Eckerson

    I really think there should be a nationwide video contest to answer this ad - like do a follow up ad or continue the adventures with Andy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Z-Wetmore/1073500208 John Z Wetmore

    After a month it only has 227 views.  Hardly viral.

  • Anonymous

    Andy looks fatter in the car... 

  • http://www.facebook.com/fnjfrancis Francis Nørgaard Jensen

    Andy is now a fat and inactive dude...

  • Mitch

    Don't do it Andy!  Sure it starts out as just a drive or two for fun, but the next thing you know, you are using the car heavily. Most users don't realise they have a problem until they try to quit. Then they find they are addicted and totally car dependant. Their quads wither, their stomach bulges and they never cycle again. It's a sad story for the hundreds of healthy young people who become the victims every year. Despite these facts, health authorities still refuse to put mandatory health warnings on car packaging such as 'excessive use will make you unhealthy and unattractive to the opposite sex' .

  • Xantran

    Sick advertisement. A lesson to people all over that hyundai or any other auto company does not help in or care about the civic amenities in your town, or help in the governance. They're only concerned about their profit. As for congestion, pollution and accidents, well, it isn't affecting their backyard or even their country, is it?

  • http://twitter.com/Dark_Wolf Wolf Simpson

    Guess the girls love fat lazy men? 😉 

  • Glen

    Never mind that, assuming you're okay with a girlfriend who only likes you for your car, a Hyundai's not going to get you those shallow gals. ;-D