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All Aboard the Bike Ferry!


For a few days this week, my gal Fatima and I were lucky enough to get a free stay with friends on my first visit to Martha's Vineyard. While out on a 41 mile exploration to Aquinnah, we got to ride the Menemsha Bike Ferry!


It took all of about three minutes to travel across Menemsha Creek, in which I had just enough time to snap a few photos and talk to our pilot who told us he started the bike ferry as an entrepreneurial venture, "oh, about ten years ago."


The service runs daily in the summer from 9 AM to 5 PM and costs a five spot for the lift. There is no schedule, it just zips back and forth all day. "Never more than six bikes at a time" our skipper chirped. He leaves the dock when full or if he sees someone waiting on the other side.

bike ferry-2.jpg

Speaking of, IF you are waiting on the other side for too long, you can either wave, holler, OR blow the whistle! (Yes, that's technology I like.)


I know it is not the only bikes-only ferry in the world as there are scores of other seasonal ferries including ones in Melbourne and Vermont.


In the end it was just nice to get in a breather and take in the scenery. But it also made me think about our terribly congested East River Bridges - here we were paying a fee to cross a teensie body of water with our bikes, surely car drivers could pony up at least a five spot for a bridge trip? Right? What?!

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  • JdS

    The guy in the picture manning the boat is Fred Taylor, uncle to James Taylor.  Jame's brother Hugh mans the boat a couple of days per week, and I've heard rumors that sometimes James himself fills in when needed.  Wouldn't it be cool to have James Taylor making change on a $10 bill for you?