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ASCOBIKE: Largest Bicycle Parking Facility in the Americas

ASCOBIKE isn't your average bicycle parking station. It is located an hour out of São Paulo on the grounds of the commuter rail station in a city with zero bicycle infrastructure. And yet, ASCOBIKE houses 1700 bikes daily,  and offers a series of social, legal and bicycle education services. Watch this video and see how unique ASCOBIKE really is.

Interpreters: [Foreign languages] [0:06]
Jonas Hagen: [0:40] This is the largest bicycle parking facility in the Americas.
Interpreters: [Foreign languages] [0:44]
Jonas Hagen: [1:11] 85% of the people that use the bicycle parking facility then get on the train. That's just an example of intermodal transportation.
Interpreters: [Foreign languages] [1:21] [music]
Interpreters: [Foreign languages] [2:35]
Jonas Hagen: [3:12] Besides giving a safe place for the bicycles to park all day long, they also offer social services.
Interpreters: [Foreign languages] [3:22] [music]
Interpreters: [Foreign languages] [4:08]
Jonas Hagen: [5:06] And I think the model has shown that it works really well. And I think it has great potential to be multiplied.

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  • Trorbster

    Now THAT is a ALOT of bikes!

  • Carol Williams

    I love this project. In itself, because it solves a major transportation problem--safe storage of bicycles. And because it shows so clearly how when you solve one problem in a collective way, you start to solve many others.
    Great project, great film.

  • http://www.valleypost.org Angelo Moore

    Very inspiring. Good interviews. Esp. Hagen.

  • http://www.livablestreets.com/people/npGREENWAY Scott Mizée

    I'm so glad to see this film. It is very inspirational for what we are trying to do here in Portland. http://bit.ly/MBfPo

  • http://www.bikerichmond.org Mark Stosberg


  • http://www.livablestreets.com/people/stevevance Steven Vance

    It's great that this video has many subtitles (because most of the guests spoke Portuguese), but could Streetfilms begin providing transcripts on all future and past videos and closed captions on all future videos?

  • jooltman

    How do you say "Fantastic!" in Portuguese?  I was very moved by the sense of community all the ASCOBIKE members seem to hold.  What a great model.