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Nicole’s Journey

Bronx resident, Nicole Duncan, films the daily, perilous, pedestrian conditions while walking her children to school.

Car-free Central Park Rally

A Transportation Alternatives rally on the steps of City Hall demonstrates residents' support for a car-free Central Park.

Gridlock Sam: Parking Policy & Permits

Part Two of our interview: Sam Schwartz and T.O.P.P. founder & Executive Director Mark Gorton discuss how the modal split into NYC's Central Business District (essentially south of 59th Street) has changed over the last half century and how some of those numbers could easily be reversed by revoking free parking permits for NYC Governmental employees.

San Francisco: Removal of the Embarcadero Freeway

Removing the Embarcadero Freeway enabled miles of public space to be reclaimed for pedestrian boulevards, parks, waterfront access points and other people friendly places.

PSA-Dirty Little Secret

An inequitable use of parking by government agencies is a dirty little secret in Chinatown.

Psychic Space

Mark Gorton, founder of The Open Planning Project, points out how parked cars and street use makes a difference in two streets just blocks apart in SoHo are felt by pedestrians.

Interview with Enrique Peñalosa (Short Version)

As mayor of Bogota, Colombia, Enrique Penalosa accomplished remarkable changes of monumental proportions for the people of his country in just three years.

Parking Spot Squat

Transportation Alternatives volunteers turn Brooklyn parking spots into temporary parks.

The Sidewalk Nibblers

A proposed plan by DOT for a subway station at 96th street will leave pedestrians with 18 ft. less sidewalk space!

Canal Park: The Re-Emergence of a Park!

Richard Barrett talks about his community's struggle to rebuild Canal Park, a task deemed impossible by New York City's Department of transportation.

Grand Army Plaza Traffic Survey

Residents and neighborhood leaders of GAPCO evaluate how traffic conditions could be improved for pedestrians.

Jan Gehl in Times Square with Mark Gorton

Danish architect Jan Gehl (Gehl Architects) and TOPP Executive Director Mark Gorton discuss the potential for pedestrian-friendly changes in Times Square. Gehl: "...cities are primarily for people...not for cars." Amen.

Above The Law: Government Parking Permit Abuse in NYC

Transportation Alternatives releases a comprehensive study on permit parking abuse.

PSA-So Why Are They Driving?

Nearly every person who drives into New York City has an alternate means of transportation.

Miracle Ticket

Sometimes when you are armed with a camera in New York City, miracles do happen.