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Portland, Ore. – Older Adults Bike Program

Seniors in Portland ride three-wheeled trikes thanks to a program by the Portland Office of Transportation (PDOT).

Portland, Ore. – Bicycle Boulevards

Who needs bike lanes on wonderful streets like these when you keep traffic to a minimum?

Portland, Ore. – Crosswalk Enforcement Actions

In Portland, OR, you can get a $242 ticket for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

Portland, Ore. – Safe Routes to School

This Portland institution emphasizes using non-motorized means to get to school.

Portland, Ore. – Innovative Bicycle Signal

This unique bike signal gives Portland cyclists the right of way!

Public Space Transformations

These photo simulations from the Project for Public Spaces show how we can transform some of our misused intersections into amazing spaces full of life, commerce, and vitality.

PSA-We’re Walking

While walking around Manhattan, pedestrians might wonder where all the cars come from. After seeing these statistics, it seems obvious.

PARK(ing) Day San Francisco 2006

In San Francisco, the REBAR group organized a mass reclamation of automobile parking spaces to provide temporary green space for pedestrians to enjoy.

PSA-Cab in a Crosswalk

See how much disruption and danger one taxi cab stuck in a Times Square crosswalk can create.

The Defeat of the Mt. Hood Freeway (Portland, Ore.)

Portland, Oregon communities fight to successfully defeat construction the Mt. Hood Freeway.

PSA-Pedestrian Obstacle Course

A visual example of the hoops through which a pedestrian must jump to cross a street in Times Square.

Fulton Street

Jeff Prant collects signatures on his petition to maintain Fulton Street's car-free hours.

Greenwich Street

Community groups work to make a crosswalk at Greenwich and Duane Streets safer.

A Conversation with Lou Riccio

Discussion about the transportation planning with former NYC D.O.T. Commissioner Lou Riccio.

PSA-Pedestrian Density

Cars get more space than pedestrians do on the streets, which leads to overcrowded sidewalks.