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Cyclist of the Month: Petra Kirstein

Meet Petra Kirstein a life-long bike commuter who rides each day from Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn to the Random House building at Columbus Circle in Manhattan including a stop at her son Magnus' daycare.

Bike to Shea

Let's go Mets! Let's go bikes!

I.S. 89 Speed Gunning

StreetFilms was out at I.S. 89 in Manhattan last week working with Brooke DuBose and Graham Beck of Transportation Alternatives. The middle school students, with the help of Manhattan Youth's Bob Townley, organized an after-school speed gunning event in response to two recent accidents involving motorists and students crossing the West Side Highway on their […]

Why I Ride

Why do people ride? Ask them, they'll tell you.

PSA: What Can Brown Do For You?

The StreetFilms crew was on Fulton Street in Lower Manhattan a while back and discovered this delivery truck eating up an already meager sidewalk. Pedestrians, many of whom were forced out into the street, seemed to regard the obstruction as a common occurrence. Just one example of the thousands of intrusions per day a cars-first […]

Reclaiming Grand Army Plaza

The Project for Public Spaces recently led a Brooklyn Placemaking workshop in which fifty members of the community met to brainstorm ideas of how to make Grand Army Plaza safer, more accessible, greener, and people-oriented.

Red Hook Lane: Illegal Parking Lot to History

Cars parked illegally on Red Hook Lane in Brooklyn and its history.