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Brand New Bioswales/Storm Water Pits Installed in Elmhurst!

I've been writing quite a bit about my excitement over bioswales and storm water treatment of late. Today while taking a few photos of the new 20 mph Slow Speed Zone in Elmhurst, I noticed something absolutely new for the first time in Queens - small storm water treatments!

I counted at least fifteen either fully installed, near completion or marked for construction.  There were quite a few in the streets to the west of the Queens Center Mall area which could use some greening.

The designs are nice, though except for a curb cut allowing water runoff in, the average citizen probably will not discern much difference from a nicely presented tree pit. But they are groundbreaking - wide scale use of these will make a huge difference for the city the next time we have a mega storm. Recently, I'd seen strange markings (below) for a few months and was wondering what they were going to be. Now I know.

And as far as the 20 mph Speed Zone, it's coming too. There are markings and speed humps going in all over Elmhurst. A welcome site indeed!

  • s.bole

    Hi Clarence! I love Bioswales too. I've seen one on Vanderbilt ave ( in bk) between Fulton and Atlantic and one on Dean St between 4th Ave and 5th Ave....very exciting...
    Sincerley-your old friend-
    Susan Boyle

  • JimthePE

    I have to wonder what the Access Board will think of those. They will probably require some sort of warning surface or barrier so that blind pedestrians and wheelchair users don't run afoul of them.