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Report from Boston: Streetfilm vs “streetfilm”

Fresh off an awesome Streetfilms event in Cambridge hosted by LivableStreets Alliance and attended by over 70 people (where they premiered their first self-produced "streetfilm" on Boston PARKing Day 2008), I thought we would address the growing use of the term "streetfilm" in the livable streets lexicon. First off, we are very happy people around […]

And the Winner is…

Okay, I was a little amazed we only had eight entries for our first contest (come on folks!) but the good news is that there was plenty of great fodder in those.  Everyone that entered had at least one gem amongst their suggestions for a NYC bus route.  For sheer ferociousness, I really loved Susan […]

Win the first ever Streetfilms t-shirt contest!

From time to time we'll be giving away a Streetfilms t-shirt to a lucky reader or watcher. They are filled with American Apparel sweetness and of course they are a handsome shade of purple. It is the best shirt I have ever owned in my life and I will never wear anything again. I kid […]

We are coming to Boston!

If you live in Boston, rejoice! Streetfilms will be in town (Cambridge) on Thursday, October 23rd courtesy of Livable Streets Boston's monthly STREET TALK program. All the details you can handle are here. Please come on out for lots of fun short films about transportation, bicycling and walking! (And I will rejoice in my esophagus […]

Praise from the experts…what’s yours?

We love to toot our own horn (rather: tinkle our own bell!) from time to time, and why not?  We've been doing a lot of good work that the country and the world are drawing upon to educate and use as tools to change their communities and cities. Recently, we started a page on the […]

Watch me on The Brian Lehrer Show

A few weeks ago I was on the Brian Lehrer Show and I wasn't half bad! Plus now I feel like a true New Yorker having finally been on there. Brian is really an amazing host who just makes you feel so at ease. It is like he is just part of the air while […]

Photo Report from Boulder

I'm not a big fan of "top ten" designations, but I just returned from my first visit to Boulder, Colorado, and since it sits at the top of sundry best biking/most livable/most healthy lists, it's easy to see why the city is so proud of its frequent appearance in these kinds of rankings. Recently, the […]

Streetfilms Going Platinum in Boulder

On Monday night, there will be a screening of Streetfilms at Full Cycle in Boulder, Colorado. All the fun deets are here. I will be in Boulder for about six days talking to advocates and city officials about the League of American Bicyclists decision to make Boulder only the third U.S. city to gain the […]

Streetfilms on The Brian Lehrer Show!

This week, one of Streetfilms' biggest fans and users of our content, The Brian Lehrer Show, will have me on to discuss selected Streetfilms and the growing popularity of Livable Streets advocacy! Please tune in. In the NYC area it airs live Wednesday on CUNY-TV at 730 pm. BUT - if you can't catch then, […]

Need cool music for our PARKing Day piece

With our annual PARKing Day piece about a week or so away, just a shout out here: if you have a piece of music you'd like to contribute to Streetfilms that we can use for free in our 2008 version, please let us know. We are looking for all kinds of stuff, but mostly instrumental […]

Streetfilm Records Abound!

The good news continues! The month of August saw our highest number of unique visitors to the site at just a shade under 20,000. That's quite remarkable considering the last two weeks of August are traditionally low volume weeks. We also just missed out on setting a record for overall visits for the month, but […]

We are now on Facebook

Why not join our new group on Facebook? That's right, we are now part of that social connector that every day grows in scope and members. If you are signed in, just click here which should take you directly to our page. Also look to become friends with all of our filmmakers who have their […]

Summer Streets 2: Electric Boogaloo photos

As predicted, Week Two was even more enthusiastic then the first. Since I didn't have the task of capturing video this week, I was able to snap some photos and was able to relish it more. I even made it all the way up to 72nd Street! Please click here to see the posted photos. […]

Streetfilms T-Shirts! Would you buy one?

That's right, we are ordering up some t-shirts which we will offering to the public at a reasonable price and producing them using American Apparel product. They will look really nice cause our own Carly Clark is designing them. Shirts will be purple (of course!) with our logo in the middle on the front. Just […]

A Streetfilms Record!

Well maybe it won't compare with the box office gusto of "The Dark Knight", but we here at Streetfilms are setting records. Our recent film on Summer Streets in NYC, reached 10,000 plays in just two days, far faster than any other. Previously Bike Vs. Car Vs. Transit reached that mark in just over a […]