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Over 500K Streetfilms watches (and we’re just getting started…)

In the past year, Streetfilms have been watched a half million times, and with postings on other sites like YouTube! along with advocates organizing screenings all over the world - and some film festivals - the true number is somewhere beyond that. The momentum continues. The list of cities and countries has been incredible. Just […]

Need some Streetfilms on DVD?

Just dropping a note here to let you know if you want to show Streetfilms to your community, or you're a livable streets advocate who wants to use our films in your work, or are from one of the many bike/livable streets film festivals throughout the world and want to show Streetfilms on the big […]

We Welcome Elizabeth Press to the StreetTeam!

We here at StreetFilms are so happy to be back to full StreetTeam strength with the addition of Elizabeth Press. She comes to us after four years as a producer for the independent TV/Radio program, Democracy Now! She received her MFA in Electronic Arts at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a focus on community media. While […]

David Byrne Celebrates NYC Bicycling in Style

Last night, I was one of 1200 lucky ticket holders attending "How New Yorkers Ride Bikes" a David Byrne presentation at Town Hall as part of the 2007 New Yorker Festival. Stuffed with laughs, entertainment, and bicycle inspiration, it was hard not to be psyched about the current state of cycling in NYC. In fact, […]

StreetFilms at the Guggenheim: August 18th

This Saturday, August 18th from 12 to 3 pm, Transportation Alternatives has been invited to take part in the acclaimed Shapes of Space exhibition at the Guggenheim. The exhibit explores the concept of space within art, and T.A. has assembled an interactive discussion of New York City's public space that will include showing StreetFilms' Intersection […]

Photos from a Platinum Bike City: Davis, CA

That's a bus shelter ad from Davis, CA - which according to the League of American Bicyclists is the only Platinum Bicycle city in the U.S. I was there this weekend and in a whirlwind visit and tried to document as much of the city and bike amenities as possible in 36 hours. I really […]

StreetFilms at the Pioneer Theater

Tuesday, July 10th at 7 PM StreetFilms will be showing twenty of our best and most poignant short films from the last year at the Two Boots Pioneer Theater! So please join us for our 85 minute program (titled StreetFilms: Intersection Intervention) and then continue the dialogue afterwards at the free beer and pizza reception […]

We Say Goodbye to Sean Clifford

Today we wish one of our own the greatest of luck as Sean Clifford departs StreetFilms in pursuit of the lights, glamour and (gulp!) gridlock of Los Angeles to pursue a film career. Sean produced quite a few videos for us here, especially notable is this video on Grand Army Plaza which may one day […]

100,000 and counting…

After adding up the numbers, I declare that sometime today we had our 100,000th viewing of a StreetFilm since going live on March 1st! Thanks to everyone who has helped contribute - our crew, webmasters, musicians, volunteers, people in the community, fellow bloggers helping to spread the word and our partners at TOPP, T.A., PPS […]

Photos: Village Building Convergence – Intersection Repair

Just returned from City Repair's 7th Annual Village Building Convergence in Portland, Oregon where hundreds of neighbors, students, and volunteers are taking back their streets to make them more livable, and community-oriented. Of the dozens of seminars, celebrations and building projects going on, StreetFilms loves the Intersection Repair. An Intersection Repair usually involves painting an […]

A StreetFilm in Portuguese and more!

Our "Interview with Enrique Penalosa" has been translated into Portuguese at dotsub.com. As a result it's also subtitled in English for the hearing imparied. Please give it up for Bruno Santos and his zeal to spread the word! If you live in Boston, don't miss our hour long StreetFilms presentation there this Wednesday at the […]

“Contested Streets” Premieres on StreetFilms in May!

Later this May, StreetFilms will be posting the WORLD WEB PREMIERE of "Contested Streets: Breaking New York City Gridlock." The film explores the history of NYC's streets and contrasts our current transportation policies with some of the achievements of cities like London, Paris, and Copenhagen, where car travel is being deemphasized in favor of safer […]

Photo: Physically Separated Bike Lane…sorta

This Park Slope phenomenon is interesting. On street cleaning rule days, people in the Slope will still double park, but they do it outside the bike lane!

Mark Your Calendars for StreetFilms!

We'll be presenting many StreetFilms and participating in a discussion about livable cities at the next Sustainable Flatbush event, a new group trying to raise the dialogue in central Brooklyn about changing our streets and culture to be more green and sustainable. Come on out, we hear their first event drew a crowd in a […]

StreetFilms News 2x

The StreetFilms juggernaut "The Case for Separated Bike Lanes" continues to thrive. Having already inspired debate around the world and seen nearly 40,000 times here, on YouTube and our NYCSR site, it was just accepted for The Bicycle Film Festival this May! Next month, StreetFilms will also be on local access television in Miami & […]