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StreetFilms News 2x

The StreetFilms juggernaut "The Case for Separated Bike Lanes" continues to thrive. Having already inspired debate around the world and seen nearly 40,000 times here, on YouTube and our NYCSR site, it was just accepted for The Bicycle Film Festival this May! Next month, StreetFilms will also be on local access television in Miami & […]

David Byrne’s Bike STOLEN!

Sad news to report...David Byrne's bike has been taken by a cowardly thief!! Dang! You may ask yourself, "Who would do such a thing?" Unfortunately, those of us in NYC know it is all too common. In fact if you've only had one bike stolen, consider yourself lucky. Click here to see our famous StreetFilm […]

StreetFilms: Coming to a theater near you?

Four of our Streetfilms including "The Sidewalk Nibblers" will be showing this September at the Walk/Bike conference in Davis, California. We also just learned "The Eric Ng Memorial Ride" has been accepted for 2007's Bicycle Film Festival in New York City. Just a reminder, our films are free to transpo groups, organizations, festivals or anyone […]

How do I make a better StreetFilm?

We recently recieved this nice comment: IanD: "...the work that [StreetFilms] is doing is fantastic and makes the stories on the streets really accessible. I’d love to add more well-produced pieces, but just don’t have the technical skills...Would you be interested in sharing some hints and tips?" Clarence: In late Spring, we plan to host […]

Spreading the Message of StreetFilms

The website Anti-Mag recently featured a detailed interview with StreetFilms auteur Clarence Eckerson Jr. (below) about his work with StreetFilms, bikeTV, his advocacy careeer and some personal opinons about the state of transportation in New York. Question: You've met some famous cyclists and interesting people along the way. Who was most exciting to talk to? […]

StreetFilms on TV

Last night, Noah Budnick of Transportation Alternatives was a guest on Brian Lehrer Live, the hour long, weekly talk show on CUNY-TV. Brian and Noah discussed bicycling and transportation issues and during the segment, Brian played three StreetFilms clips! One of the clips he played was from our Separated Bike Lanes piece which has now […]


I'd like to think we had a little something to do with this.

The Battle in Park Slope

What's going on in Park Slope, Brooklyn is a microcosm of the war that is being waged all over NYC: communities with smart ideas, good intentions and the capacity for volunteerism are being completely ignored by the Department of Transportation in the planning process. Yesterday, Sean and I went out to cover a public planning […]

Greetings from StreetFilms

Here we are! It's been a long journey and passion of mine over these past few months to get the StreetsFilms site going and get it right. Of course, it's still a work in progress so please let us know anything that you think could be better. Features you may enjoy more. Hiccups you might […]