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20’s Plenty: The Movement for Safer Speeds in the UK

Five years ago, Streetfilms was in the UK town of Warrington to talk with the great folks behind 20's Plenty For Us, a largely volunteer group trying to get speed limits reduced to 20 mph. The first ...
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Streetfilms Bike Lane Inspirations (and 50 others to use!)

This latest bike montagery fun comes to you from Austin, Texas where they are in the process of completing the 3rd Street protected cycle track, an integral link thru the city connecting a gap in the Lance Armstrong Bikeway which is heavily used by commuters and recreational cyclists.

Although there will be more about this bike lane in an upcoming Streetfilm on Austin, I've taken to posting up quick montages of many innovative and safe bike treatments I see in my travels because so many say it's easier to use a crisp 1 minute video in presentations or to pass around to advocates.

I did the same a few months ago while in London.

And also in Washington, DC on 1st Street NW.

But really we have over fifty Streetfilms from over the years when it comes to protected bike lanes. If your city or neighborhood is having trouble getting quality lanes, you really should use them. Browse them via this link, and, please embed them in blog posts, download them directly or show your community at a screening or gathering. That's what they're there for!

How D.C. Cut Traffic Fatalities by 73% in a Decade

We continue to present short videos from our tour around Washington, D.C. with Gabe Klein, the former Transportation Commissioner in our nation's capital.

These are the final two vignettes in our series which focus 1) on the incredible reduction in traffic fatalities in D.C. and 2) the role of fast evolving technologies which has drastically altered transportation in our cities in the last few years - and will so much more in the years to come.

And just in case you missed it, last week Gabe talked about the evolution of how D.C.'s center-running, two-way, protected cycle track came into existence (and who challenged him to put it in!) We re-present that here so we have a nice trio of Streetfilms Shorties for you to ingest!

Gabe Klein's new book, "Start-Up City", is available on Island Press.

Can We Get Some of These DC Protected Bike Lane Features in NYC?

A few days ago I was in Washington, D.C. for a shoot. After leaving Union Station with my gear I made a beeline to check out the newest improvements to the 1st Street bike lane that runs adjacent to the station. I'd heard it was pretty fab, and upon close inspection, it really is.

The separation on this two-way lane varies between three treatments: 1) a concrete curb, which is substantial and well done and runs about half the length of the lane; 2) A combination of green paint, plastic bollards, and armadillos, which all work extremely well in conjunction; 3) paint and plastic bollards for the long block connecting to the Metro Trail. All of the variations feel comfortable on streets where car lanes are narrow and motorized traffic tends not to exceed the 20 mph range.

I was in town to meet up with former D.C. and Chicago transportation commissioner Gabe Klein, who has a new book debuting this week called "Start-Up City" that you should read. We shot some short vignettes, the first of which is above, where Gabe talks about the genesis of the Pennsylvania Avenue two-way, center-running bike path.


Ten Years of Streetfilms Greatest Interviews!

Very shortly we will be posting a new, exciting, exclusive interview on Streetfilms! But until then, we thought it would be great to compile some of our most important and informative interviews from over the years.

Most of the interviews you've see on Streetfilms were conducted by Mark Gorton our largest supporter and one of NYC's biggest transportation advocates. He's voracious reader of policy which is why almost all our interviews have been with writers and transportation experts. For example see above, Mark's walk & talk with "Happy City" author Charles Montgomery.  And below he chats with Tom Vanderbilt about his tome "Traffic".

From the start, one of the tactics Streetfilms used often in advocating for better streets in New York City was to chat with world leaders to see the possibilities elsewhere. It led to a very special chat with former Bogota Mayor Enrique Penalosa, which ultimately led to Streetfilms going to visit there in late 2007 to publish its trio of groundbreaking films on ciclovia, bus rapid transit and the transformation of its streets.

We also used the interviews to enlighten the public to hard to grasp concepts and policies. When Transportation Alternatives brought parking guru Donald Shoup to NYC to explain how pricing parking helps make a city more efficient, we knew we had to find a way to demonstrate "The High Cost of Free Parking" to the masses. So we brought out the toy cars!

And of course we got one of the most in-depth interviews with new NYC DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan when she came into her post and had just started doing some of the magical street transformations she would become known for.


Gotta love the #freshkermit hashtag! (for Green Bike Lanes)

You know, quite a while back I used the hashtag #freshkermit in a tweeted snapshot on some newly painted green bike lanes in NYC. To me it wasn't meant as much, after all I'd been referring to these as "fresh kermit" lanes for years amongst friends.

Little did I know a small group of twitter followers thought it was clever, and now we are getting dozens of tweets per year using #freshkermit to show off new green lanes all over the globe! I inserted a few of my favs below, but you can find many more on Twitter. Please take a gander and post some of your own!


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