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CicLAvia 2011: Los Angelenos Take Back the Streets

In a city that has defined itself by both cars and status symbols, CicLAvia is more than a seven and a half mile street party with a funny name, it's one of the many signs that Los Angeles is changing and one's status is not represented by the car that one owns.

But for the people that took to the streets on April 10, 2011, CicLAvia was about many other things.  Freedom, fun, fellowship and community were just some of the answers Rob Adams got when he asked Angelenos from all walks life what CicLAvia meant to them.  And what's a film without some cameo appearances?  Look for Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and an even more famous cyclist as Adams pedals his way through another wonderful Southern Californian Sunday.

This is Adams' second film on CicLAvia.  His first, from exactly six months earlier on 10/10/10, can be viewed here.


Speaker:  [00.15] CicLAvia is Los Angelenos taking back our streets.


Speaker:  [00:19] CicLAvia is what this should be everyday.


Speaker:  [00:23] CicLAvia is like my birthday. 


Speaker:  [00:28] CicLAvia is the start of something new. 



Speaker:  [00:34] CicLAvia is a way to explore downtown without all of the cars.  It’s a way to see everything in slow motion and to explore with my kids. 


Speaker:  [00:46] CicLAvia is a heck of a workout.


Speaker:  [00:49] For me CicLAvia is unity. 


Speaker:  [00:54] CicLAvia is a way for my family to ride the streets of Los Angeles safely. 



Speaker:  [01:18] CicLAvia is open streets for Los Angeles.  We have seven and a half miles of city streets, going through several neighbourhoods.


Speaker:  [01:25] The streets are closed off to cars but open to everything else. 


Speaker:  [01:29] You can go out and ride your bike, walk, rollerblade. 


Speaker:  [01:31] I’m doing a little double dutching and I’m doing a little hula hooping. 



Speaker:  [01:39] Sports, we had a football going out before, we were throwing the football.  Just hanging out and just having fun. 


Speaker:  [01:47] Doing a little skipping, might do a little jogging.


Speaker:  [01:51] People are on bikes and they’re walking and they’re cycling.  I mean they’re skateboarding and that’s what CicLAvia is all about. 


Speaker:  [02:00] I wanted to just kind of just see the city through a different perspective than you normally would.  And I think CicLAvia is a perfect opportunity to do so.


Speaker:  [02:08] It’s a very safe place to be, it’s a beautiful place to be, it’s so eclectic, we have so many different people from all walks, and that’s the amazing part of me and that’s what I want this little guy to see and be a part of and understand the beauty in that.


Speaker:  [02:26] [unintelligible 02:26] at the park.


Speaker:  [02:31] CicLAvia is…


Speaker:  [02:33] CicLAvia is…


Speaker:  [02:33] CicLAvia is community.


Speaker: [02:35] CicLAvia is a group effort. 


Speaker:  [02:38] CicLAvia is fun.


Speaker:  [02:39] CicLAvia is freedom.  CicLAvia is absolute freedom.


Speaker:  [02:45] Brotherhood amongst all people. 


Speaker:  [02:48] You’re biking out knowing what you’re doing, you plan on enjoying the day, enjoy the sun, enjoy the people, the people that are here, life is beautiful and ain’t nothing like LA.   


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  • Clarence Eckerson Jr.

    I must find a way to make a future CicLAvia. It is my destiny....

  • http://la.streetsblog.org Damien Newton

    July 10...October 9...

  • http://twitter.com/elsongs Elson Trinidad

    This needs to be edited into a few 30-second versions and made into a PSA!

  • Anonymous

    If you can, bring a steady-cam and a helicopter :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/bobby.gadda Bobby Gadda

    this is great. i like the part where the beat stops and you hear all the bike bells. also, the opening with the empty streets. excellent work robin!

  • http://profiles.google.com/bedrocks Matthew Burton-Kelly

    "But for the people _who_ took to the streets"

  • Deutscheclique

    I agree

  • thirdhandbikecoop