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Ciclovia (Express Version)

Since many cities around the world are now flirting with the idea of doing their own Ciclovia-style street closures, we have been asked by a few individuals and advocates for a shorter version of our Ciclovia film, which is helping push the debate from idea to reality in some places. And so we have capitulated. Here is a teaser which runs 1/4 the original length.

But you should really still check out the full version here.

[intro music]

Gil Penalosa: [00:34] The obesity rate in the US have skyrocketed. Almost every state has obesity. And how else can you get thousands and thousands of people doing physical activity? So then the infrastructure is there, it’s free. All you got to do is close it and then you can get this fantastic idea, which is like a party where that everybody attends.

Speaker: [00:51] [speaking Spanish]

Speaker: [01:03] This is beautiful man because everybody smiles at you.


Speaker: [01:09] [speaking Spanish]

Speaker: [01:27] [speaking Spanish]


Speaker: [01:45] [speaking Spanish]

Speaker: [01:49] [speaking Spanish]


Speaker: [01:55] [speaking Spanish]

Speaker: [02:07] [speaking Spanish]

Speaker: [02:12] [speaking Spanish]


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Clarence Eckerson, Jr. has been making fantastical transportation media in NYC since the late 1990s. He's never had a driver's license and never will.

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