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Clowns Liberate Bike Lanes

Last weekend on their way to celebrate the new physically separated bike lane on 9th ave, the Time's Up! Bicycle Clown Brigade set out to playfully educate car drivers who were illegally parked in bike lanes. Those who refused to move out of the bike lanes, received mock tickets for violating NYC traffic rule Section 4-08(e), which explicitly prohibits stopping, standing, or parking within a bike lane, and carries a fine of up to $115.

Driving in bike lanes is actually a serious issue. Check this out.


Speaker: [00:03] We can help you move it faster if you need.


Speaker: [00:09] This car is illegally parked in a bike lane.


Speaker: [00:13] See those big expensive things made of tin driving by that could hurt you if you walk in front of them? They’re dominating the city. There’s got to be something else to urban life besides going to and from work and polluting the environment.


Speaker: [01:02] There’s a real need for the bike lane liberation of clowns today. Obviously we haven’t been doing enough of this lately because the cars are getting back into their comfort zone of parking in the bike lane.


Speaker: [01:19] The idea that you can have something else in the city besides just cars is a tough idea for folks so we’re helping educate folks around that, and hopefully people will start to get it, but it doesn’t happen overnight.


Speaker: [01:34] Another bike lane liberated.


Speaker: [01:37] I see something that does not look like a bike up ahead.


Speaker: [01:47] Assuming that we get more with sugar than salt we engage the drivers, we play with power, we chatted with them, we had fun, we used humour.

Speaker: [01:55] I’m getting out now.


Speaker: [02:09] We have a new bike lane on 9th Avenue where there’s actually a physical space created for bikes, and yet the implementation issue continues to be a big problem. I mean trucks are loading on the bike lanes. The need for vigilance and public education in a playful way is more of a need than ever.


Speaker: [02:29] I’m like it’s the first I’ve seen this beautiful bike lane. I want to hug it, I want to ride in it, just like imagine if this was more than five blocks, if it actually stretched all around the city and we had this beautiful protected bike lane where you could just ride and relax and breathe and not feel stressed.


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  • http://submedia.tv stimulator

    I used to hate clowns. Until now

  • killer catch

    what an awesome way to discuss our streets and how they are used

  • Killer Clown from Outer Space

    Way to go brothers...

  • sarah

    Awesome video. The clowns are hilarious while still making a very important point. Makes me want to get involved in the next liberation!

  • http://www.awaterartproduct.com cari

    great shooting and edit!! this is a serious problem!

  • http://www.zookmann.com zookmann

    awesome work. id love to see more vids like this on the site!

  • xris

    everyone seems to find clown fun,
    but i always found them mysterious,
    even scary,
    maybe its because clowns killed my dad,
    (and his use of the bike lane for his car)

  • http://sparklehouse.blip.tv Angela Alston

    Make these clowns a regular feature! We definitely can use some levity on this topic.

    I just started riding again in the city and, after only two months, am already yelling at a regular basis at cars-- and other bike riders -- who ignore basic bike safety. Unfortunately, where I ride in Brooklyn, there mostly are no bike lanes. I've got a friend who rides down Eastern Parkway every morning. This is a 3-lane road in both directions. (or is that 6?) and cars get behind her and honk.

    So bring in those clowns.

  • Barbara

    For photos of the Time's Up! Bicycle Clown Brigade on past rides go to:

  • Kevin Farley

    Elizabeth,...Loved the Street Film on the Clown Brigade! Let's see more. Kevin

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  • berkoschmiz

    its good to see that people are trying to get bike lanes in the city. much more civilized form of travel for local inhabitants if they can feel safe. keep up the good work.

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  • Anonymous

    I know a guy here in Oakland who's a wannabe stuntman, he stages accidents and 'ghost rides' one of his 'beater bikes' into the back of cars that double park in bike lanes. Most of the time the dumb dunce driver is picking up dry cleaning or something, and they leave their vehicle unattended. Par for the course I guess. I like clowns better though.

  • Stacy WIllett

    Hey guys, love the website and the entire story...it reminded me that I was actually in Dallas visiting BT the weekend of your first date! And I received my package yesterday, Brooke! It's fabulous and sitting prominently displayed in our living room. :)

    Love you both and we can't wait to celebrate. Geordie is excited that he gets to wear a Yamika!

  • http://schmielblog.blogspot.com Erin Schmiel

    I generally am not a fan of clowns, but this video was great! What a good idea! Way to Go!

  • Lee Goode

    Hilarious! I love how the offending drivers were laughing as they pulled away. Unfortunately, improper use of bike lanes is common here. Might have to try a similar technique. Thanks for the laughs!!

  • http://churchofthetallbike.blogspot.com/ Tall Bike Jesus

    "Driving in bike lanes is actually a serious issue. Check this out."

    URL Link broken. Here it is:


  • http://churchofthetallbike.blogspot.com/ Tall Bike Jesus
  • http://www.cyclingfilms.de 6th International Cycling Film Festival 2011

    Hi, we hope you want to contribute at least one of your films to the 6th International Cycling Film Festival?! Next issue of the ICFF is in Sept./Oct. 2011, Herne, Germany. Would be great to have the clowns aboard!


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