Community Video Spotlight: Bike Box-Get Behind it

Did you know that Streetfilms has a Community Video showcase?  It’s located at the bottom of the homepage and features livable streets videos from around the world.

One of our recent favorites comes from The City of Edmonton, capital of Alberta and one of North America’s most northerly cities.  In September, the city installed its very first bike box.  To help demystify and promote the new street feature, they pieced together this engaging and instructional bit of eye candy, where a street-smart cyclist teachers his wisecracking buddy how to use a bike box.

Bike boxes are part of Edmonton’s Bicycle Master Plan developed in 2009, which calls for the city to install close to 500 kilometres of on-street cycling facilities within the next 10 to 20 years.

Want more fun bike box how-tos? Check out these punchy Streetfilms from 2008:


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