“Contested Streets” Premieres on StreetFilms in May!

Later this May, StreetFilms will be posting the WORLD WEB PREMIERE of "Contested Streets: Breaking New York City Gridlock." The film explores the history of NYC's streets and contrasts our current transportation policies with some of the achievements of cities like London, Paris, and Copenhagen, where car travel is being deemphasized in favor of safer streets, more cyclist amenities, faster mass transit, and people-first environments.

Here we present the awesome trailer for your early consumption if you haven't seen it already. The film is Directed by Stefan Schefer from Cicala Filmworks, Produced by Diane Crespo, and co-Produced by Mark Gorton. Paul Steely White from Transportation Alternatives served as a Consulting Producer.

Can't wait? Order "Contested Streets" directly from the T.A. website today.