Streetfilms & Congestion Pricing Over the Years!

Congestion Pricing looks to be coming to NYC in some form or other in the budget for NYS in 2020. Streetfilms has done so many videos with that as the topic and in so many ways, I decided it was time for a look back. And, oh boy, there is even more than I remembered (and some I flat out forgot!)

Let's just take the are the highlights

April 2007: We Talked to Bob Kiley about London's Pricing Success

June 2007: Campaign for New York's Future

November 2007: Bay Ridge Bus Riders talk about Congestion Pricing

November 2007: First few minutes of our interview with Randy Cohen we touched on Congestion Pricing

December 2007: StreetsblogNYC founder Aaron Naparstek talked to drivers about traffic jams and Congestion Pricing

March 2011: Moving Beyond the Automobile: Congestion Pricing with "Gridlock" Sam Schwartz

March 2015: Exploring the Streets of Stockholm

November 2017: Talking Stockholm's Congestion Pricing with Jonas Eliasson

December 2017: Unsustainable Traffic 2018

March 2018: Advocates Rally Outside Gov. Cuomo's Office to Pass Congestion Pricing

July 2018: Clusterf**k on Varick Street: The Case for Congestion Pricing

February 2019: Congestion Pricing will eventually save Riders over 100 Hours Per Year (featuring me and my son!)

February 2019: Fixing the Subway is about Racial & Economic Justice

March 2019: Congestion Pricing will save Lives in NYC!