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Crosswalks #1

With all the great achievements that are abounding in the livable streets movement, sometimes we need to revisit reality. Recently, I stumbled upon a cache of traffic b-roll I was gathering during the summer of cars infringing on pedestrian rights. I'll gamble we've all seen worse scenes, probably daily, but it just got me a little mad.

So to our leaders who are debating - and frankly many throwing up roadblocks to - congestion pricing: take a look and stop worrying about the fraction of NYC drivers you are protecting. It's obvious - a serious congestion pricing plan would definitely benefit pedestrians and alleviate some of the everyday, dangerous gridlock we navigate.

Please note: every shot in this montage is while the pedestrian has the right of way. And yeah, as bad as this footage is, New Yorkers know it is only the tip of the everyday iceberg. If we really wanted to, we could shoot one of these per day and post them. Thus, this gets the "#1" in the title.

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  • http://sustainableflatbush.org Anne (www.sustainableflatbush.org)

    great piece, clarence. if this doesn't get the point across, i don't know what will...

  • mcas

    Wow. If I was to ever be tortured, this clip on repeat would do it. This is my biggest pet peeve. My heart is racing in anger.

  • Alex Ferguson

    It is time that pedestrians stop being so passive and take a more militant stand to these illegal and very dangerous encroachments. It is time to have groups of pedestrians willing to pound hoods and dent fenders of these cars. This must be done as a group so as not to endanger single walkers.

  • dw

    bikesnobnyc takes pictures of delivery trucks and other crap parked in the NYC cycling lanes on a daily basis. bike=4th class citizen

  • http://bettertransitny.blogspot.com Cameron Williams

    Yet not enough citizens are outraged. If change is to come, the newsdailies will have to be involved—and they show little enthusiasm. If little Andy Vega's death (December 7, 2006) didn't bring us to the tipping point, what will?

  • Juan Camargo

    This video is reminiscent of Bogota streets 15 years ago. Before Mr. Peñaloza, Bogota major was Mr. Antanas Mockus who made the "Carrots or Sticks" and "respect the zebras": Did you notice while in Bogota those BIG yellow lines accross intersections? No matter if the light is green or there is a terible jam: if a vehicle stops beyond the crosslines (or "zebras") or inside that yellow lines, driver will get a ticket.

  • http://www.columbus-ite.com Keith Morris

    I was thinking that myself. Why not gather revenue from drivers stopping in a crosswalk?