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Cycle Chic Hits the Cat-bike-walk in Long Beach

Just an edited montage of fun featuring some of the bicycling models at the recent “Cycle Chic: Past, Present & Future…A Celebration of Dressing for the Destination” fall fashion show in Long Beach, California. For more deets, check here and here.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/pastry.grrl Pastry Grrl

    Yea, I like wearing stripper shoes and bikinis when I bike around LA. After hearing and being inspired by so many women at the women bike conference, I found the fashion show disappointing and pandering to women. It should have been called "Only wear this if you want to be harassed on your bike fashion show."

  • Clarence

    It was certainly a little controversial fro the reasons you cite.  But also because only every fourth model or so came out on a bike.  Everyone there said they really thought there would be far more bicycles in a Bike Chic show.

  • RealBikeGal

    Not to mention that many of those clothes would be impossible to wear on a bike. And I know, because I have actually showed up on a bike at an event in a formal dress and high heels! If they want to shows those over-the-top "fashion" statements, at least show that you can wear anything on a bike.

    Most of the people I spoke to thought it was pretty disappointing.

  • RealBikeGal

    I should also mention that I could have picked out 50 women (and men) from the audience that could have gotten on a bike in what they were wearing and looked both fashionable and realistic.

    I guess I'm not the target market for a fashion show, but it did seem at odds with the theme of the Women's Cycling Summit.

  • Jake

    Real Bike Gal, Thumbs up, you beat me to the punch. So the women's summit decried the current role of women in cycling as models to hawk goods (with T&A) and serve as podium girls (note they are referred to as girls), yet the cycle chic show had plenty of overtly sexualized women showing how chic bikes can be. This was merely marketing of bicycling and bicycles using high heels, hot pants, bikini tops and other scanty clothing. Mixed messages? Hypocrisy? I also think the whole chic thing helps define yet another stratification of cycling and doesn't really do anything to create mass appeal of bikes/biking.