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A Tour of Dutch Bicycle Streets and Intersections

The 2017 Velo-city conference in the Netherlands this June was full of excitement, information, and enlightenment. And the pinnacle was seeing Dutch bike infrastructure first-hand, with guides who know it inside and out.

On the final day of Velo-city, I joined a bike tour around the city of Nijmegen and its outskirts, led by three Dutch infrastructure experts. We got their insights into the design of bicycle streets where cars are guests, how intersections prioritize bike travel above motor vehicles, and a grade school where more than 60 percent of students arrive by bicycle.

Without a full crew and weeks of advance planning, it was tough to capture everything that makes this bike infrastructure work so well. So I focused on the important things, and I think this Streetfilm will help viewers see just how seriously the Dutch treat street design and safety for people on bicycles.

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  • JarekFA

    I'm not quite the videographer that Purple Clarence is, but here's Utrecht on Christmas. I was really just looking for some patat met


  • http://www.streetfilms.org/ Clarence Eckerson Jr.

    Everyone says I need to get to Utrecht. I just didn't have the time this trip, but it looks amazing.

  • Vooch

    come to Munich

    city must have better than
    50:50 cyclists to motor vehicles - Mayor cycles to his office