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Using Streetfilms


Streetfilms encourages you to share and embed videos freely across the web and publicly display streaming video in a classroom, a presentation or community group setting. Streetfilms are copyrighted under Creative Commons 3.0 which essentially means as long as you do not re-edit our films or make money off of their use, you are free to use them to educate, enlighten and inform as you please.

Streaming video looks pretty darn nice when it's taken to full screen.  Click here if you're wondering how to take a video to full screen.


NEW FOR 2013:  Streetfilms now offers FREE H.264 MP4 (compressed at 5,000  kbps) file downloads via our Vimeo site.  So, if you would like to use our video files in a way that is allowed by our terms of Terms of Use, please do!

The easiest way to do this: if you are watching the film on our site, there should be a Vimeo icon on the control panel (put mouse over the video for it to pop up). Click on the Vimeo icon which will take you directly to the film on the Vimeo site where you should see a DOWNLOAD button.  Click it and should start a download for you.


If you are a television, film or multi-media producer interested in using Streetfilms footage of existing films in your project, please email: Clarence [at]   Although we do not have staff person power to fulfill most of these types of requests for high definition files and use, occasionally we can on a fee for use basis.

We understand that each request is unique and not everyone has funding, but we are also a non-profit organization and when we do evaluate requests we must keep this in mind.



  • For very special cases (film festivals, high profile presentations) Streetfilms can set up high resolution H.264 MP4 files for download, with file sizes ranging from 300 MB - 2 GB. Please be sure you have software that can accommodate this format.  VLC is a video player you can securely download from the internet for free.  Please also be aware of your internet connection speed and the average times it takes file sizes certain sizes to download.  You can roughly calculate the time it will take a file of a certain size to download to your computer depending on your internet connection speed by clicking here.
  • In these cases, please contact Streetfilms directly with your request and include the film(s) you are inquiring about and why you cannot use the Vimeo FREE download (see above) and/or why it will not be sufficient.  Due to the fact we have no staff time dedicated to these requests, please be prepared for inquiries to take some time to be answered.  Thank you in advance.