Greenery Outside an Auto Body Shop Makes a Big Difference!

It's always nice to see nature and beauty pop up places you wouldn't expect. Near the western terminus of Queens' 34th Avenue, there are two auto body shops at the corner of 64th Street that go the extra mile to make their corner of the world a little brighter and greener.

The amazing thing is this area is very industrial and somewhat desolate.  You'll find very few pedestrians passing thru at anytime of the day. (Though I'll point out the number of cyclists using this stretch of the 34th Avenue bike lane just keeps growing, they far outnumber pedestrians - and probably cars - during rush hour.)

Every time I pass thru here, I smile.  There are over 20 large mega-planters scattered around the auto shops and they're generously filled with lush plantings - they also take wonderful care of the tree pits.  I spoke to a worker outside on break.  He might have been suspicious of my motivations while snapping these photos thus he didn't want to offer up too much except to say they try to keep it clean and he was glad I enjoyed the flowers.

Just another short, inspirational tale from our streets.