Families for Safe Streets: Let’s End Traffic Violence

This one-day mini film takes a look at NYC's newly formed transportation advocacy group, Families for Safe Streets, and the press conference they held for their first public gathering on the steps of NYC's City Hall steps.

There was plenty of emotional testimony given by the families of loved ones who have perished due to traffic violence on the streets of New York City. In fact, many of the people are likely familiar to Streetfilms viewers since they've been in past videos reaching back seven or eight years.  Thus, we dug in to the archives to emphasize just how long some of these families have been asking for safer streets.

As you may be aware, Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced the beginning steps for his ambitious Vision Zero Plan.  While most of the members of Families for Safe Streets support the mayor, they would like to see many of his initiatives instituted immediately with timetables set for certain goals.