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Biking the Arnhem-Nijmegen Cycle Superhighway

It's no secret that the Dutch have the best bicycle infrastructure on Earth. And it keeps getting better. While attending the Velo-city 2017 conference in the Netherlands, I got to ride the Arnhem-Nijmegen Cycle Superhighway. Imagine ...
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What Streetfilms May Emerge from VeloCity 2017!

Above: "Cycling Copenhagen, Thru North American Eyes", with nearly 350,000 plays, the 5th most watched Streetfilm of all-time was shot at Velo-City 2010.

VeloCity is just about a week away and after six years of missing it, I'll be attending what promises to be 2017's exciting chapter in Arnhem - Nijmegen, The Netherlands. As the event approaches I've been pondering what videos I might produce. Of course, I do like to stay in-the-moment and spontaneous when I go to transportation conferences of any kind. I try not to over pre-plan since there are always so many great people, rides and sessions going on that a film could materialize right in front of me. However, here are some good bets of documentation I'll attempt.

First off, this cool thing that happened: while booking my trip over the phone - which is something I never do - my ticket agent explained that if I extended my trip by one day on either end, my round trip flight would be over 50% less. So easy decision to land 28 hours earlier. A nice group of folks in Rottterdam got wind of my extra day and cajoled me stick around there for an entire day and have organized a comprehensive bike tour! That's so completely nice. I'm super excited as I have never been. It should make for a phenomenal Streetfilm.

Because the lodging prices were high and extremely limited availability in Nijmegen, I opted to stay in Arnhem for the event. The choice was made easy when you have trains every ten minutes between the two cities. But as I did research I was intrigued to discover that the two cities opened a bicycle superhighway between them last year. So I'll certainly try and bike it at least a few times and see how cool it is. Could this be a Streetfilm? Sure. I'm hoping to find a few folks from the conference or the cities to ride it with me one morning and talk about how it came about.

The conference also features nearly a full day in which attendees are encouraged to attend an excursion to Amsterdam, as there are no sessions scheduled during this time. Of course, I did make a few very popular Streetfilms a few years ago on my original sojourn there (see "Anecdotes from Amsterdam" above.)  So I'll be going again. Bringing my camera. Not sure what will happen, but I'll be grabbing video. listening to tour leaders and talking with my fellow conference friends about it.

Another very short film I'm certain to churn out is something on the annual Velo City Bike Parade! The mass bike parade takes place Thursday night thru the streets of Nijmegen. The 2010 version in Copenhagen was a real fun treat as you can see above.

Of course, in addition to all that, I'll be tweeting and Facebook-ing plenty throughout the conference itself and I'm sure they'll be plenty of opportunities to gather quick interviews with leaders in the bike world. It's gonna be a real wave of sensory overload and hard to keep up. But that's a fun challenge.

Do you have ideas and thoughts about must see stuff at VeloCity or in The Netherlands? As you probably can imagine, I've gotten a few "Please cover this/me/come to our city too!" pitches via email and many asks on social media as to what my plans are. Please feel free to leave ideas in the comments field below or tweet them to @Streetfilms or @PurpleClarence. Just keep in mind I am only one person and I make all the videos at Streetfilms. I usually spend almost every moment of the day while daylight shooting films, so I can't do everything.

Finally, I'd like to thank the organizers of VeloCity 2017 for granting me a press pass so I may attend. Without that there is no way I could put enough funding to really make this happen. And if you want to see more about biking in The Netherlands, Streetfilms has a nice pod of work from over the years you can browse by clicking this link.

Checking out Silver Line Demo in Boston and more!

For the second year in a row, Streetfilms is working closely with TransitCenter to produce a series of videos about how people are organizing, planning, and winning better transit in American cities.

As such, I was recently in Boston talking to the Livable Streets Alliance about what they and their many local partners are doing to help speed up bus service. I happened to be in town during the two-week Silver Line Demo, a trial period during which riders can board the bus at all three doors, not just at the front.

As you can see, it was a rather dramatic change:

When I travel, I usually notice a heck of a lot more than what I am on assignment to document. So I grab what I can. While waiting for a meeting on this trip, I found myself wandering around Boston's car-free Downtown Crossing during lunch hour. It's always been a comfortable public space, and it keeps getting better.

Here's a short montage of people out in the middle of the day:

While in Cambridge getting some footage of buses, I came across what I'm calling a "sidewalk-assist" Copenhagen left turn. It's not the first one I've seen by any stretch, but I had enough time to get good footage showing it in action. The intersection is very difficult for cyclists, and it's great to have this option if you feel you need it:

The entire intersection is complicated, with lots of people walking and biking to a major transit station nearby. There are L-O-N-G wait times for a green light, no matter how you're getting around. If I had transportation superpowers, I would make one of the connecting streets car-free to create a more regular intersection and get a new pedestrian plaza in the bargain.

Editorial: The Mayor, NYPD (115th Precinct) & DOT Must Do More to Make Our Streets Safer

Yeah I'm livid.

Thursday night, for the third time in less than 6 months near my home, a pedestrian was killed by an irresponsible motorist. And to make it even more tragic: two of these victims were small children crushed while being pushed in strollers.  I'm the dad to a young son so it breaks my heart. We've had brushes with drivers nearly hitting us while crossing legally with the light. I can't imagine my life without my son, the families must be devastated.

All three happened about a mile from my home on 85th Street. All three happened in NYPD's 115th precinct.

What will it take?

We really need NYPD to do its job. I met a few officers from the 115th Precinct recently at a Jackson Heights meeting (where I live) following the death of Henry Boimel, killed by a turning Uber driver in January. Yes, the officers all seemed like nice folks. And, look, I'm sure sometimes their job is tough. But the department needs to start getting really serious about cracking down on traffic violence and intimidation by motorists. At that meeting many people complained about dangerous right turning vehicles on 37th Avenue. I walk it nearly every day. And still haven't seen any stepped up enforcement by the 115th since. I hope they have. I hope I'm wrong.


Showcasing Great Policies to Help Minimize Car Ownership

At Streetfilms we've got 800+ videos now of all sorts. All available for you to show or screen for your community or elected leaders and to enlighten and change minds.

One thing we are always looking for is trying to explain or implement policies that help create a lower car ownership rates, that of course is the primary goal in cities as the fewer cars there are the more space for people and efficient forms of transportation.

So we're always jumping into the archives looking to clump together videos to help. Thus here are some good best practices from the vault!














Great 2016 Streetfilm shorts you probably missed – Here in one post!

Every year, there are a few dozen excerpts, extended mixes and bonus shorts that we post on Vimeo but not here on Streetfilms. Why? Because we don't want to clutter the site because some of these videos we really don't expect too many plays whether due to quick turnaround, subject matter or redundancy. Thus, you could have watched every single video posted on Streetfilms and still missed a couple of gems or useful tools for your advocacy.

So here's a wrap of the best!

The video at the top is from Janis Scott, Houston's Bus Lady! We did this film with TransitCenter on Houston's amazing bus re-organization. But I enjoyed my time and meeting with Janis so much, I spun her off in her own narrative that has been given a lot of love.

I was in Copenhagen shooting a whole slate of videos over 72 hours but came upon the above scene. Just a construction crew carefully doing their job while people biked by and under. Not a lot of elaborate signage or re-routing and stopping of cyclists. Just everyday life.

Again, sometimes you have a video with ample content that can't fit into your original plans, so you spin it off. In Joe Baur's great Streetfilm from Tokyo we talked about how complicated it can get to own a car in Japan, but had to trim this section down to 30 seconds. So much great info here though to lift it as its own segment.

Here's one not many have seen at all. I just got a quick break during lunch while shooting a Streetfilm in Philadelphia and was lounging on their great public space The Porch. I grabbed some footage cause you never know when you can use wonderful people space stuff!

Again, this one probably fell off most people's radar as I posted and Tweeted this a few times of a Families for Safe Streets press conference. Jimmy Van Bramer told a great story at the dais about a constituent who wanted help getting his son out of a speeding ticket. It's the way our elected officials need to talk in the age of Vision Zero. So here he repeated it again for me.

And once again, big wager most Streetfilms fans didn't see this. In our great Streetfilm about Bike Share Equity with our partners NACTO, I was invited to come along to gather some footage for the piece on a really fun bike ride with Black Girls Do Bike. As my thank you for letting me come, I put this quick montage together for the group to use in any way they wished in the future.

The greatest joy in my life has been my son Clarence, 3rd! We took him to his second Summer Streets in 2016 and I was really lucky to decide to turn the camera on him during our stop to do some dancing at one of the programming areas. Is there any doubt children know we need to have more public places to have fun in?

I did a series of really hastily thrown together vids during the Summer to showcase footage I wasn't using in anything else. One day I had so much fun riding around NYC with commuting pelotons, I wanted to share.

Finally, if you watch this video above, you'll see the beginning of a movement. The 14th Street People Way is gonna happen. It has to. And it is gonna lead to a series of crosstown People Ways across NYC in the not too distant future. Imagine 23rd, 34th, 42nd, 59th and more. And you know, what? Quoting Chuck Heston, they'll be made of people!! People!!!!

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