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Brooklyn Critical Mass: Feel the Love

Here's an anomaly that runs counter to the trend in many major U.S. cities: a Critical Mass bike ride, without incidents or arrests. And in Brooklyn it has been going on for three years!

Why? No one really seems to have a solid answer. But it was nice to see the NYPD getting along with about 150 cyclists venturing out to celebrate their right to the road. I mean come on, it's only for a few hours per month.

Speaker: [00:00] Why is it better? Well, number one, those guys right over there, if you could take a look at them right now, they’re the police officers, they don’t arrest us at this ride. That makes all the difference in the world, you actually get to finish the ride which is pretty cool. I don’t know about you but getting arrested sucks.


Speaker: [00:38] They’re a little chilled here. There’s not as many cops. Sometimes cops ride bikes too. They’re not like out for blood and tickets the way they are in Manhattan.

Speaker: [00:48] The real thing that makes this different from Manhattan is the lack of harassment from the cops. I mean I’ve been doing this drive I think for two years and they’re parked in streets and they’re facilitating the ride, which is how I understand the Manhattan ride was before R&C.

Speaker: [01:05] It’s definitely back and everyone’s really nice to each other and friendly and the police are… the police are really friendly. I’ve actually talked to them and we want to… when we have a place to go they help us come up with a route.

Speaker: [01:15] The freedom to go anywhere and do anything and not be chased by the police. They’re actually very friendly, as we just saw, so it’s great.

Speaker: [01:23] This is actually my first time riding and I’ve been told great things and I’m looking forward to having a nice mellow ride, the way it used to be.


Speaker: [02:03] Great excuse for a ride through Brooklyn.

Speaker: [02:05] Yeah.

Speaker: [02:07] What up dude?


Speaker: [02:09] The police are very nice here in Brooklyn. You know people cheer as we go by.


Speaker: [02:16] Come on out, join us, join us.


Speaker: [02:23] My friend, her skirt was rubbing on her tyre and the police officer was there said, oh you should fix your skirt, it’s going to get stuck in your bike, in your tyre. And she’s like, oh thank you. See that wouldn’t happen in Manhattan Critical Mass.


Speaker: [02:54] It’s the biggest numbers I’ve ever seen at Brooklyn Mass.


Speaker: [03:00] Happy Anniversary Brooklyn Critical Mass. Happy Birthday, one, two, three.

All: [03:05] Happy Birthday.


All: [03:25] Happy Birthday.



Clarence Eckerson Jr. has been making fantastical transportation media in NYC since the late 1990s. He's never had a driver's license and never will.

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  • ecm

    Colin, you're an animal! Look at your smilin' mug, right there on Streetfilms! Are we having fun yet, indeed.

    I'm glad to see a Critical Mass with such a positive vibe. I'd definitely be willing to participate in such cooperative, non-violent celebration of bicycling. Props to both the cops and to the riders for making it so.

    And mostly, hooray for what looks like a fun, community supported ride!

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  • wad

    good skills guys - good to see happy folk in the city on their bikes! big up the positive vibes of the brooklyn massive!

  • ezgi

    i got to learn the type of music that plays on the video ,it uplifted me. i want to get some mp3 s or albums od the genre.
    the video is cool man very uplifteing me well done!

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