Get the complete Moving Beyond the Automobile on DVD!

The Moving Beyond the Automobile (MBA) series has been a smashing success with the Streetfilms audience - advocates, educators and policy makers alike! Since we premiered the first films just three months ago, they have already received more than 75,000 video plays, and we’ve heard from dozens of individuals and groups planning community screenings.

Now that we’ve posted our final episode in the series, we’re releasing a complete ten-episode Moving Beyond the Automobile DVD.  Follow this easy link to pre-order your DVD now.  Pre-ordered DVDs will ship in late May, and the price of the DVDs will increase June 1st, so order now!

The MBA series features over 40 acknowledged experts in urban planning, traffic management, government and advocacy in 20 cities. All the films help explain and promote the many ways we can make our streets more safe and efficient, while expanding them to be equitable for all types of road users - not just those who drive cars.

We launched the series with Transit Oriented Development and went on to explore topics such as Pricing Parking, Road Diets, Bus Rapid Transit and Car Share.  As always, these Streetfilms are specifically targeted towards explaining hard-to-grasp transportation concepts and introducing them to the general public while making them entertaining to students and professionals alike.

We interviewed folks like Portland Mayor Sam Adams, NYC DOT Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, Congress for the New Urbanism’s John Norquist, Enrique Peñalosa the former Mayor of Bogota, Colombia, and Congressman Earl Blumenauer, just to name drop a few.

Check out the new Moving Beyond the Automobile series page, to see all the films you may have missed, to get valuable tips on holding a successful Streetfilms screening, and for a full classroom curriculum for high school and college educators.

We’ve been hearing from many of you that have been using the internet to play chapters in your classrooms and communities.  We’ve seen the countless blog postings, the Facebook links and tweets about the MBA series every day.  Thank you all for spreading the word - it’s been wonderful to see the outpouring of love for this series.

Now, buy the MBA DVD and help Streetfilms make even more films that show how smart transportation design and policy can result in better places to live, work and play.

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Streetfilms offers tremendous thanks to The Fund for the Environment & Urban Life for generously funding the Moving Beyond the Automobile series.