Great 2016 Streetfilm shorts you probably missed – Here in one post!

Every year, there are a few dozen excerpts, extended mixes and bonus shorts that we post on Vimeo but not here on Streetfilms. Why? Because we don't want to clutter the site because some of these videos we really don't expect too many plays whether due to quick turnaround, subject matter or redundancy. Thus, you could have watched every single video posted on Streetfilms and still missed a couple of gems or useful tools for your advocacy.

So here's a wrap of the best!

The video at the top is from Janis Scott, Houston's Bus Lady! We did this film with TransitCenter on Houston's amazing bus re-organization. But I enjoyed my time and meeting with Janis so much, I spun her off in her own narrative that has been given a lot of love.

I was in Copenhagen shooting a whole slate of videos over 72 hours but came upon the above scene. Just a construction crew carefully doing their job while people biked by and under. Not a lot of elaborate signage or re-routing and stopping of cyclists. Just everyday life.

Again, sometimes you have a video with ample content that can't fit into your original plans, so you spin it off. In Joe Baur's great Streetfilm from Tokyo we talked about how complicated it can get to own a car in Japan, but had to trim this section down to 30 seconds. So much great info here though to lift it as its own segment.

Here's one not many have seen at all. I just got a quick break during lunch while shooting a Streetfilm in Philadelphia and was lounging on their great public space The Porch. I grabbed some footage cause you never know when you can use wonderful people space stuff!

Again, this one probably fell off most people's radar as I posted and Tweeted this a few times of a Families for Safe Streets press conference. Jimmy Van Bramer told a great story at the dais about a constituent who wanted help getting his son out of a speeding ticket. It's the way our elected officials need to talk in the age of Vision Zero. So here he repeated it again for me.

And once again, big wager most Streetfilms fans didn't see this. In our great Streetfilm about Bike Share Equity with our partners NACTO, I was invited to come along to gather some footage for the piece on a really fun bike ride with Black Girls Do Bike. As my thank you for letting me come, I put this quick montage together for the group to use in any way they wished in the future.

The greatest joy in my life has been my son Clarence, 3rd! We took him to his second Summer Streets in 2016 and I was really lucky to decide to turn the camera on him during our stop to do some dancing at one of the programming areas. Is there any doubt children know we need to have more public places to have fun in?

I did a series of really hastily thrown together vids during the Summer to showcase footage I wasn't using in anything else. One day I had so much fun riding around NYC with commuting pelotons, I wanted to share.

Finally, if you watch this video above, you'll see the beginning of a movement. The 14th Street People Way is gonna happen. It has to. And it is gonna lead to a series of crosstown People Ways across NYC in the not too distant future. Imagine 23rd, 34th, 42nd, 59th and more. And you know, what? Quoting Chuck Heston, they'll be made of people!! People!!!!