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Green Lane Project in New York: City to City Solutions

The Green Lane Project is a partnership of six U.S. cities working to implement next-generation protected bike lanes on their streets.

This past fall, the Green Lane Project brought a few dozen transportation planners from those cities together in New York City for hands-on workshops and face-to-face peer exchanges to see the NYC Department of Transportation's innovative bike lane designs. We were able to tag along on some of the events and share some highlights of that trip.

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  • Brownstone2

    Nice video.
    Almost too fast, I identify about 2/3 of the paths on the first viewing.  Will need to go back and view it again.
    Damned good information sharing event, it's the best way for bike planners to find out what works and how to apply it where they are. DOT was a great host.

  • Osvaldo Nino

    "Hands-on", it's sometimes the best aproach to implementing something new. The engineers in attendance can build upon the nkowledge they gathered and 'twick' the variables to make it work (sometimes better) in their respective cities.

  • http://profiles.google.com/drivin165 Patrick Smith

    Just now reading about this, woohoo Memphis is included!  That is really awesome to see!

  • Angelraulcolin

    no todos los proyectos de ciclovias han dado buen resultado en la ciudad de mexico la problematica persiste  al querer ocupar la bicicleta como medio de transporte, no cabe duda que se ha avanzado mucho sin embargo falta asesoria de profesionales.