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As we enter the final week of our fundraising drive, we wanted to share some of the wonderful feedback we’ve been getting from our supporters. We hope you will join them by making a donation today, so that we may reach our $25,000 goal by June 30th. Every donation to Streetfilms makes a difference, and helps us make more films for the livable streets movement.

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“[Streetfilms] has been informing and educating me for years.” – M. F.

“I couldn't do my job without you guys!  Oh, and because you are awesome.” – L. G.

“Livable streets is about making it easier for communities to exist and making streets safer for all users. How can I not support that?” – A. G.

“While I work in the private sector of transportation, I think that Streetfilms and Streetsblog are doing terrific work for the world. There's a real element of public service here that allows us to have a positive impact on municipalities' policies and attitudes towards the transportation system. I'm happy to see that this work is being done in the public non-profit sphere and am happy to support it.” – J. W.

“An invaluable resource for all of us who care about cities!” -  S. Z.

“I give speeches and trainings all over the country on how to make bicycle-friendly communities. These videos are wonderful.”  – M. B.

“Streetsblog is invaluable, not only for it's stellar journalism but as a hub for the livable streets movement. And Streetfilms are just awesome - wonderful to watch, informative, life affirming and vitally important.” – S. R.

Streetfilms has been helping YOU shape your streets, educate elected officials, set smart transportation policy, and energize the livable streets community worldwide.  If you have felt educated, inspired, helped out, or had your life affirmed by Streetfilms, now is the time to donate (and tell us why too!) We hope you’ll add your voice, and help us raise our $25,000 goal by June 30th.

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