Help Streetfilms raise money to continue our work!

Do you love the work Streetfilms has been doing?  If so, we are asking fans and users of our movie materials for a little assistance.

As our mission continues, seeking out what is working best for livable cities, we are finding ourselves needing to raise some of our operating dollars so that we can continue to bring you intrepid & inspiring stories - both here and around the globe - of a balanced transportation network.  There are many ways you can help.

Easiest way: see that purple button with the red heart over yonder on the right hand side, a little further down the page?  Well, you can make whatever monetary donation your feel you'd like. Just follow the instructions. You can also just go here.

But we also have opportunities to sponsor certain films we already have in production.  If you can donate as little as $300, we will recognize your donation in the credits of one of our productions.  Sure, that amount doesn't come close to covering all of the production expenses of a short, but it helps alot, especially if we can get the majority of our films sponsored.


In addition, there are a few places we'd really like to visit this year and could use help raising a couple of thousand dollars for travel and lodging to visit the following cities:  London, Copenhagen, and Toronto.  We feel those places have cool stories that will help enlighten transportation experts (and skeptics) across the world.  If you are interested in knowing more about our plans and possibilities for funding, you can email Clarence directly at clarence [at] streetfilms [dot] org.

And by the way, thank you very much to those of you who did come to our big fundraiser in January (see above photo, many more here by Nick Whitaker.)  We had a great turnout with special guest Veronica Moss (watch her appearance) and it did raise some funds for us.  Plus further promising: we are entering into some cool partnerships because of it.  Thank you.


Clarence Eckerson Jr. (Director, Streetfilms)