Hero Cyclist Saves a Trapped Baby Robin with his Teeth!

While on a shoot in Indianapolis to document the grand opening of the Cultural Rail Trail (look for a great Streetfilm on it shortly), Jaimson Hutchins, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator for the city was leading a group ride showing off its bike amenities to some of the group gathered there from National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO)

While riding along the Canal Tow Path, Jamison and others spied a robin in distress.  It was tangled badly in a fishing line and the crew jumped into action to to try extricate the bird.  After calming the bird a bit - and a futile search to see if anyone had a tool sharp enough to cut the line - Jamison just did the superhero thing and used his teeth to give the baby robin its freedom.  See it as it happened here:

Jamison said later, "The Canal Tow Path is a great spot to take in a quiet ride in a natural habitat, so any time I can do my part to save a robin, I will do whatever I can. Sorry worms!"

As bicyclists all around the world know, almost every day you get on a bike something exciting and fun happens.  I just happened to have the camera rolling this time. What's the coolest/weirdest/funniest thing that has ever happened to you?