Host Your Own FREE Streetfilms Screening!

image3Earlier this week I was in Albany for a Streetfilms screening as a guest of the Albany Protected Bike Lanes Coalition, a group fighting for better bicycling in New York's capital. About 135 people attended and they did just about everything you can do right when it comes to holding a great rallying event for your community.


Personal Note: I attended college at SUNY at Albany, and I loved seeing movies at The Madison. It's an honor they allowed us to screen Streetfilms!

Before I go any further let me say this: we've made it simple for anyone to host their own screening. Just go to our Streetfilms Vimeo account and use the download button to get a high quality copy of any Streetfilm. To advocacy groups and non-profits, it's FREE - you have our blessing to pick out a slate of nearly 700 shorts and tailor it towards what livable streets improvements your city needs. Better yet: include videos mixed in by local advocates in your playlist.

Back to Albany. Here's just some of what great they did that you should try to emulate. They were able to get a wonderful independent movie theater, The Madison, to host the event. They did a lot of PR, including many advance stories in newspapers and they papered the nabe with posters. They invited many local groups to table the event and there was great literature from the Green Lane Project. Many local elected officials were involved and Council Member Leah Golby went above & beyond.

But you don't need to have all the bells and whistles. Your group might be just as successful around a large screen television and a few dozen people in a big conference room. It's all about getting the dialogue started and having influential people educating the community. And most of all: creating momentum for change.

We do ask that you give Streetfilms a heads up and shout out. And even nicer to send or tweet us some photos of your event! More photos after the jump below...


Me with Council Member Leah Golby (10th Ward ) & Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan who dropped by.


Streetfilms in Theater 4 versus Colin Firth in Theater 3!


Information to distribute from various groups, including Green Lane Project!


Afterwords, the group posted the full screening list on their Facebook account for those who couldn't make or if people wanted direct links to send to anybody.