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Icons of a Living City

Icons of a Living City is a trio of uplifting posters from Transportation Alternatives encouraging New Yorkers to walk, bike, and take mass transit.

We here at StreetFilms love 'em and their positive vibe. So much so, we got our hands on some high resolution files to present some of the fine details in what might be the first of its kind: a one minute commercial for posters!

T.A. partnered with Sustainable South Bronx, Straphangers Campaign, and Project for Public Spaces to produce the set. The artist is Kevin Nierman. Posters should be available for purchase on the T.A. website in the near future.

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  • mike

    Great posters & campaign. However, how are walkers the oxygen of a city?

  • http://www.livablestreets.com/people/trorb/ Clarence


    I'd say their omnipresnece on the streets in a city like New York gives it life and vitality that so many places are sorely lacking. Walkers make it so that life takes place and because of that New York is a more livable metropolis. I did not make up the tag lines, but I'd believe it's the reason behind the oxygen analogy of this great poster which I hope to frame and hang in my living room soon!

  • http://sustainableflatbush.org Anne

    could also refer to walkers NOT being the carbon emissions of a city...

  • ook

    Urrr, what exactly do these walkers exhale then?

    (The posters and the video are lovely.)

  • 10th Grade Science Teacher

    Exhaled air is rich in carbon dioxide, a waste product of cellular respiration during the production of ATP.

    But I digress...I bet Ken Burns loves your poster movements. I'm so excited, I can do the KenBurns effect in iMovie now!!

  • http://dianegoodwin.com Diane Goodwin

    Nice! ... but who was the artist?

  • http://uppergreenside.org Glenn

    Nice work in bringing the posters to us through this video.

  • http://www.livablestreets.com/people/trorb/ Clarence


    Direct link to the artist Kevin Nierman in the body of text in the StreetFilms write up above. He has some great stuff on his site, much featuring bicycles, for those who'd like the full written out text instead of a link: http://www.kevinnierman.com

  • http://randomdude.com/blog/ Dustin

    Those are great posters! I've been looking around for images of them to post on my blog, but no luck. Any idea if it's available somewhere?

  • Erin M.

    I just love the father and son one...

  • en

    Carbon dioxide exhaled is chemically completely different than carbon dioxide burned in an internal combustion engine, particularly when it concerns greenhouse gases.

  • Frank

    Great posters. Can't wait to purchase a couple.