Introducing “Streetfilms Snippets”, More Video Tools for You

Our digital entertainment is all about faster & quicker. The general public has an increasingly shorter attention span. I know I've watched since Youtube's debut in 2005 as the public's ability to watch an entire video - even a good, short one - has become challenged.

This is something I've been wrestling with as occassionally we have some Streetfilms that approach 10+ minutes in length that still perform very well, but are surely micro-segments or short lessons within them that might play better in the short-attention span world. So that's part of the rationale behind "Streetfilms Snippets" - a new Vimeo channel we've created where we've taken full length Streetfilms and tried to excerpt an idea within them that might prove useful to advocates if it was one minute or less.

And for the next few weeks, I'm taking requests! Yes, if there is a part of a particular Streetfilm you'd enjoy seeing boiled down or cut out as it's own useful snippet, let me know. This is your chance to bolster your personal powerpoint or presentation to an elected leader by making a concept bite size. See some examples below, or see them all here.