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“Stop the Pollution, Pick a Solution”

Ever heard an anti-idling rap? Or seen the "Funky Pollution Dance?" Tune in to this video to see what Livable Streets Education students are up to at MS 51 in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

[intro music]

Chris Denton: [00:012] Hey, my name is Chris and I’m going to tell you about a rare new twist. People should not litter nor be in the middle of gas in the air, you know I’m being clear. Decide to pollution is my right to clean air. Help me save the world by doing your part, come on man, have a heart. Stop the pollution, pick a solution. Bike it, hike it, stop your idling and start recycling. It’s your life, live it.

Mitchell Porcelan: [00:34] My class and I here at Middle School 51 in Park Slope, Brooklyn, have been working with Livable Streets Education to investigate what’s going on in the streets around the school. We’re focused on figuring out better ways to commute to school and to work, and the kids have been keeping a climate change journal to document all their activities. We created particular matter boards.

Speaker: [01:00] We put boards out for two weeks to see if we collect anything out of the air. Would you want to eat off of this, or breathe this in your lungs?

All: [01:11] Oooh.

Mitchell Porcelan: [01:13] We have done an average occupancy activity.

Chris Denton: [01:16] My class did this in order to take a survey of how many people travel per vehicle. And we found out that most people ride by one person per vehicle. And we want to influence people to start car-pooling, taking public transit.


Rebecca Jacobs: [01:37] Livable Streets Education conducted a twelve week interdisciplinary residency using the streets around the school as a classroom. And the students made the connection between what we were learning outside to what they had been learning in school before.


Mitchell Porcelan: [01:53] We used a carbon dioxide reader to measure carbon dioxide emissions from idling cars. And 4th Avenue and 5th Avenue there are major roads with a lot of traffic.

Chris Denton: [02:06] Idling lets out many hazardous chemicals into the air, like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxide and particular matter. The third reading was the highest reading because we took it right behind a idling vehicle. Something that we could do in order to stop this problem are walk, bike, car-pool, take public transit.

Stephanie Snipe: [02:39] Idling is bad in the car, global warming. people don’t get mad, maybe just look forward. We love our [unintelligible 02:48] and we love our [unintelligible 02:49], we have to do a better job cos life comes first. Please stop the idling.

Speaker: [02:56] Bike.

Speaker: [02:57] Walk.

Chris Denton: [02:57] Take public transit.

Mitchell Porcelan: [02:58] We were also part of the press conference, the Idle-Free New York City at City Hall where the children had an opportunity to participate in the local government and gain an understanding of democracy.

Gabe Peterson: [03:14] Hi, it’s bad we create pollution. We love our air and breathe the air so pollution is negative here. So using big cars you’re killing the air, humans live here and animals live here. We love our air, no negative air, so if you’re using big cars make my asthma here. It’s 2009 and this is the year I think it’s [unintelligible 03:35] and it’s everywhere. Yeah, people are getting sick and people should know how to reduce the cars and increase the buses. The pollution in the air is melting the ice. [unintelligible 03:43], you could recycle.


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  • http://cenyc.org Michael Rieser

    Great video! Thank you for using your extraordinary artistic skill to promote environmental sustainability. Beautiful, just Beautiful!

  • kj

    What a great video. I loved the music and the rhymin' and the science it was right on time'in.

    Great environmental analysis.

  • MP


  • Louis Alvear

    This kids are so talented, kudos to the teachers who help them realize such big reality as is polution. I want to know who I can talk to about addressing a group of independent bus linesthat park around authority and idol their engines constantly. Someone need to hol them accountable.
    Louis Alvear

  • http://www.lifeforceapu.com Randy

    Nice correlation of the role of what is learned in classroom and making it a reality in the real world... Great job teachers on teaching instead of telling...

    Keep up the great work kids and teachers alike....

  • andrew

    wow! that's so cool. i'm really impressed, you all. keep on, ya heard?

  • stephanie

    ahhhhhhh that me singing i think i sound horrible but my rap cure sounds great

  • http://Streetfilms Robin Urban Smith

    Stephanie: You sound wonderful! Keep up the great work!

  • martha

    great work! i go to this skool now! keep up the work

  • Mayagreen 45634


    I enjoy this video i think we need to save the earth and love it not damage it or pollute it