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Little Legs for Green Streets

Brooklyn kids say, "Go Green!"

Students at P.S. 321 in Park Slope participated in an Earth Day walk-a-thon to raise money for three non-profit green groups, including Transportation Alternatives.

Hundreds of kids got a rare car-free experience by being able to walk up a closed down 3rd Street to Prospect Park. T.A. Executive Director Paul Steely White was on hand and joined future advocates, parents, and teachers on a short loop of the Park.

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Paul Steely White: [00:10] Here we are this morning at one of the best schools in New York City, PS321 in Park Slope, Brooklyn. And today’s a very special day for the school because all of the kids and many of the parents are walking to save the Earth.


Speaker: [00:29] This is part of our Go Green initiative this year and we’re… the entire school, in descending size order, is walking around the park to raise money for Transportation Alternatives and Amazon Watch and Added Value.


Speaker: [00:49] I think these kids are doing an amazing job. These are the best walking kids I’ve ever seen in my life, because it’s promoting safe, sustainable transportation. It’s certainly worth walking for.

Paul Steely White: [01:02] Look at all these eco-friendly kids. They’re all raising money and awareness for safe livable streets. I don’t know if you saw, but they closed 3rd Street so the kids could walk right in the middle of the street, and the cars just had to wait.


Speaker: [01:24] Transportation Alternatives was really everyone’s favourite, and we chose three for parents to give to. So it’s Transportation Alternatives and Amazon Groups or something National and also they studied the Amazon, and then a greenmarket in Redhook. And we’ll know probably in a couple of weeks how much money we raised. But parents wrote checks directly and we bundle it and contribute and hopefully people like Transportation Alternatives will come in to the school, the kids will meet them and hear a little bit about where the money’s going to.

Speaker: [01:54] Transportation Alternatives do so many great things to make New York friendly for bicycles and are just regular people getting around and cutting down the carbon footprint of the city.

Speaker: [02:04] That’s why my contribution went to Transportation Alternatives because one less car is better for this town.

Paul Steely White: [02:10] They’re already advocates. A lot of these kids have written letters, you know, done refrigerator art in support of walking and bicycling and I’m sure that only more to come.



Clarence Eckerson Jr. has been making fantastical transportation media in NYC since the late 1990s. He's never had a driver's license and never will.

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  • Carlos Delgado and Shawn Green

    Nice job, but if we didn't know better we would almost think you were deliberately downplaying the other two groups the PTA decided to support - both of which were deemed as worthy as TA. Perhaps it's not your responsibility to make an objective little film about the event, but since this is likely to be the only one, you might have made it a little less about TA.

  • http://www.livablestreets.com/people/trorb/ Clarence

    Carlos and Shawn,

    Good points. Just so you know, I am sure there will be another far more in-depth movie of the event as there were four people there with HD cameras (nicer than mine) that were working together on shooting video to document the entire process. They told me they had already shot all the interviews they needed before the walk-a-thon even started.

    Since I was invited late in the game and working solo, I did the best I could. I did want to get a rep from the other groups to give us a soundbite but couldn't locate anyone in the speed of the event.

    We do strive to make objective films, but our main mission is to cover members of the NYC Streets Renaissance in action.



  • Dan

    Great turnaround on this one StreetFilms! Now I finally know who Clarence is because I saw him running up and down 3rd Street with videocamera in hand and sweat pouring off his head. (Plus I did see that Traffic Calming video you did...)

    I'll say: good job to the kids and parents who were out raising $$$ for three great causes.

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  • Class 2-214

    We are a class at PS 321. We really enjoyed the walkathon. It was great excercise and fun way to raise money to help the environment. Let's do it again next year but can we have a wheel-a-thon?