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Make Music New York

For your enjoyment here are some of the sounds and melodies from over 500 musical acts on the sidewalks of Gotham yesterday. We were one of 300 cities celebrating the longest day of the year enveloped in sound.

The first annual Make Music New York is based upon France's Fete de la Musique, and was organized by Aaron Friedman.

Yesterday, I lugged around my video equipment by bike, rode nearly 30 miles and endured two nasty thunderstorms. It was so much fun. Next year, ride a bike. Trust me on this.

<br> <p><font size="3" face="Times New Roman">[music]</font> <br></p> http://transcriptdivas.ca/transcription-canada/
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  • Charlie D.

    Awesome video! What a great day for everyone in New York... using public spaces to allow everyone to enjoy beautiful music!

  • Hannah

    I hereby nominate this as NYC's official video!

  • http://www.princessracer.com Princess Katie

    We absolutely had thee best time ever performing in Bleecker Park yesterday for all the kids and their royally rockin' adults who love and care for them!

    What an amazing idea and beautiful video. I love this city and thank MakeMusic NY! for such a great day!

  • http://freedomlovefest.typepad.com Freedom Love-Fest

    Hi, we included a link to your posting on Make Music New York. Thanks...

    Click here:

  • Rachel Lee Walsh

    Hey. Thanks for covering the MMNY stuff. Love the street films site. What great coverage you are providing of really important issues central to NYC life.

  • ecm

    Neato to the Nth degree! This looks like such a fun day. I liked seeing all the people moving to the music, whether bobbing their heads or full on dancing. What a great way to use public space.

  • http://www.lazaza83.fr claudie

    What an attractive event! I love all the music feast all over the world!

  • http://www.SawLady.com ‘Saw Lady’

    Thank you so much, Clarence, for including me in your coverage of the 'Make Music NY' day! It was really nice meeting you. The video is great! You really captured the essence of the day.
    I had a great time playing on Amsterdam Ave - I met so many nice people that day!
    (I put a link to your video/website from my site).

  • maddan the pianoman

    Nice to see some coverage of the event..that even some public officials(e parks rangers/police in central park)seem either unaware of, or otherwise engaged in more important tasks: "Chasing the "muscians playing in the park for free" out checking for permits..Maybe next year "Everyone will get the "Memo",,who knows might even raise more tourist dollars for the Park Conservancy Budget!!! anywho..I had a blast playing w. 3 other cats Columbus Circle ent to CP right before rain shut us down w. parrtied w. japanese hip-hop dancers & about 300+ in & out of towners dancing and singing in the rain of NYc " Ain't NO Party Like a NY Party..we had the funk" too bad the park dudes didn't get it..NY's Finest did they wathced and enjoyed the show..right on for "The Blue"...Central Park? Washington Sq Park..People parks or somebody's extension to "their" condo????

  • http://www.myspace.com/thesoundscapes Rodrigo Carvalho

    What a great event and celebration, one of those beautiful displays of people coming together, thanks to all the organizers of Make Music New York and to Clarence for the video, we praise your inicitatives and endurance. PEACE!

  • s.o.a.q.

    Music is the bringer of hope.
    Summer is the time to celebrate.
    With Make Music NY, Collective Flow
    mixed the right ingredience for a powerfull expose' at the East River Amphitheater while hosting,entertaing and pulling together a rather elite thursday night line-up. Performers excited, travelled all the way from Chi-town, Waterbury Conn,Jersey and Newburgh NY.The five boros represented well as some made that gallant trip to the microphone taking this musical freedom joy to the hilt.We at the Collective Flow are proud to be New Yorkers celebrating in the hope that music brought in this 2007 premier,and only hope that we continue to MakeMusic NY, thanks NY for a class act.

  • http://tltftqmihl.com tltftqmihl

    Hello! Good Site! Thanks you!

  • http://www.myspace.com/wbnyc William Brown

    Excellent video.

    A great day in NYC !

    wb ...

  • http://florence-and-the-machine.blogspot.com/ Florence

    Yay! This one is my favorite!!! 😀

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