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Meet Zozo! (Official Website Launch)

Today we are happy to announce that Zozo, our purple, livable streets mascot finally has his own website!  Just go to www.meetzozo.com to check out all ten of the Zozo shorts - including films about walking, biking, car sharing and transit as Zozo walks the streets of Park Slope in Brooklyn, NY.

It's very educational for the youngest ones in your home, but it's also about Zozo being his Zozo fun self and there's lots in here that will make the adults smile too. Our staff here at Streetfilms shot & edited all of these and here we present you with a funny montage featuring outtakes and other fun moments that didn't make the cut.  As you will see, Zozo is a charmer.

Zozo: [00:06] High five.



Zozo:  [00:16] Hmm, interesting.  So if the train runs out of gas, how does it get around?  Everybody pushes it, right?


Speaker:  [00:21] No.


Zozo:  [00:22] Everybody gets in the back and they push.


Speaker:  [00:24] No.


Zozo:  [00:26] Push. 


Speaker:  [00:27] No. 


Zozo:  [00:28] Hell’s Square coming up, come on, we got to go.



All:  [00:52] Zozo



Zozo:  [01:04] I love the park.  I tell you what, you head to the park on your bike and I’ll do it the old-fashioned way, use my Zozo legs.



Speaker:  [01:17] Walk. 


Zozo:  [01:18] Walk.  Hey, it’s a good idea.  Want to go for a walk? 


Speaker:  [01:22] Yeah.


Zozo:  [01:23] Okay, let’s go for a walk. 



Zozo:  [01:38] What do you talk about with your dad?


Speaker:  [01:40] The next thing he’s going to work on his TV shows or commercials.


Zozo:  [01:44] Really?  He works in the entertainment industry?


Speaker:  [01:46] He’s an editor and a director.


Zozo:  [01:49] Really?  Can you get me a job?


Speaker:  [01:52] Maybe. 


Zozo:  [01:53] After this is over you know I’m out of work so maybe we can work together.


Speaker:  [01:55] Yeah.


Zozo:  [01:56] Can we have a meeting.


Speaker:  [01:56] Yeah.  Maybe, yeah. 


Zozo:  [01:59] I’ve got pictures, I’ve got pictures of the ying-yang.  I got good ideas. 


Speaker:  [02:00] I can get that out. 


Zozo:  [02:02] Thank you. 


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Clarence Eckerson Jr. has been making fantastical transportation media in NYC since the late 1990s. He's never had a driver's license and never will.

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  • Ruth Smith

    This is great for children (and adults)to be encouraged to learn about your iniatives and make a fun impression now. Absolutely brilliant to get all ZoZos in one spot! Kudos again to Streetfilms!

    Ruth Smith

  • Jim

    "I can get that out!"  

    Love the smart NYC kids.  

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