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Miracle Ticket

In 2005, TOPP Founder and Executive Director Mark Gorton toured 9th Avenue with Hell's Kitchen Neighborhood Association's Christine Berthet to check out pedestrian safety concerns. When they stopped on one corner to examine how gridlock constantly forces pedestrians to dangerously cross around cars and buses stopped in crosswalks, the pleading of Ms. Berthet and the power of the camera became too much for an NYPD officer to ignore. See for yourself.

Christine Berthet: [00:03] Here we go, look at that. Look at this.

Mark Gorton: [00:06] Yeah. This street here, look at… I mean this is…

Christine Berthet: [00:07] Come here. Look here. This is what’s going on with the buses. This is what’s going on with the buses. You see that? This is all the way. And here, there’s nowhere to go. So they’re going to be stuck and they are going to block intersection. Oh this one doesn’t, that’s… now, oh, what about the pedestrian? How do you cross?

Mark Gorton: [00:29] Yeah, imagine… look here.

Christine Berthet: [00:30] How do you cross? Or this one, run the red light. Did you see that?

Mark Gorton: [00:32] Oh yeah. And again it’s sort of like…

Christine Berthet: [00:33] And, and how do we cross?

Mark Gorton: [00:34] You have to like look out like dodge…

Christine Berthet: [00:35] How do we cross?

Mark Gorton: [00:35] Look at this.

Christine Berthet: [00:37] Hello. How do we cross?

Mark Gorton: [00:40] Oh my god, this is like horrifying.

Christine Berthet: [00:41] How are we supposed to cross? And you think the cop would give him a ticket?

Mark Gorton: [00:45] Yeah.

Christine Berthet: [00:45] No.

Mark Gorton: [00:46] Never in a million years. Never in a million years.

Christine Berthet: [00:48] Yeah. Officer, are you going to give him a ticket?

Mark Gorton: [00:51] It’s just like… well actually, you can see the walk sign through the bus.

Christine Berthet: [00:54] Are you going to get a ticket?

Mark Gorton: [00:55] Really?

Christine Berthet: [00:57] Fantastic. Love you for that. Did you see the other one, he burned the red light.

Mark Gorton: [01:02] See that’s the power of having a camera here.

Christine Berthet: [01:03] That’s the first time. I mean, you know, I can tell you I’ve not seen that.

Mark Gorton: [01:06] I swear it’s no accident, we had a camera, that guy saw, boom, I mean maybe he just need… you don’t need traffic cameras, you need people with cameras.

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Clarence Eckerson Jr. has been making fantastical transportation media in NYC since the late 1990s. He's never had a driver's license and never will.

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