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My NYC Biking Story: Dr. Janice Turner

We are back with another installment of our hit series, "My NYC Biking Story." Recently Streetfilms spent the afternoon with Dr. Janice Turner in the South Bronx, and we toured some of her favorite waterfront trails. As a recreational cyclist for forty-plus years and a board member of Sustainable South Bronx, Dr. Turner believes that biking can be part of active lifestyles and reduce rates of asthma, diabetes, and obesity.


Dr Janice Turner:  [00:04] This is the neighbourhood that I grew up in. 



Dr Janice Turner:  [00:12] So I’ve been cycling for over 40 years.  For me it’s always been recreational and it’s also a way to unwind. 



Dr Janice Turner:  [00:26] So when I was a kid I played outside, every single day.  Children are not playing outside as much anymore.  The health problems in the Bronx are extremely severe.  They’re worse than the rest of the country.  The asthma rates are higher, the rates of diabetes are higher, and obesity.  Now I don’t believe everyone needs to ride a bicycle, but I think everyone needs to be active.  I’m on the Board of Sustainable South Bronx, which is a local environmental organisation.  Sustainable South Bronx has been involved in helping to develop a greenway in the Bronx.  And this is a greenway project which will be a place for physical activity such as walking and cycling.  So another aspect of my life has to do with taking kids out to teach them to ride safely and to not be afraid of the traffic.  I absolutely love bikes.  I have three bicycles now.  I still have my original bicycle, which is from the early 1970s.  I tease my family and I tell them I want to be buried with it, but I’m not sure if I’m really teasing.   


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  • Anonymous

    Says so much in 100 seconds, including that you don't have to be young, overtly athletic, or a yuppie to enjoy bicycling and its dividends.

  • Eric McClure

    @speakeasies:disqus nailed it -- Dr. Turner is a great inspiration.

  • http://walkbikejersey.blogspot.com/ Andy B from Jersey

    Great video and Doc Turner is great.  I just do hope if she is teaching bicycle education that she has her League of American Bicyclists, Cycling Instructor certification.

  • Leh

    Thanks for doing a piece about the Bronx and the Greenway there!

  • http://www.bronxworldfilm.org Walter Krochmal

    We’d like to subtitle this into Spanish and include it in the arthouse film programming we are bringing to the great borough of The Bronx.


    Thanks for the great story, from one Bronx cyclist to another. Keep it up Dr. Turner!