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National Bike To Work Day

The League of American Bicyclists started Bike-to-Work Day in 1956 as a part of National Bike-to-Work Week, which in some cities has turned into Bike Month.Bike-to-Work Day is an annual event that promotes and celebrates the bicycle as a viable mode of transportation. On Bike-to-Work Day, national, regional, and local bicycle advocacy groups often organize bicycle-related events.Today's Streetfilm features Bike-to-Work Day in Austin, San Francisco, New York City and Portland, Oregon.If you haven't already, check out the Streetsblog open thread from Friday. And, contact us if you would like to participate in next year's NBTWD film!

Speaker: [00:00] So there’s about 34 States participating in some kind of National Bike To Work Day.


Speaker: [00:10] Just biking around on Bike To Work Day, checking out the scene in San Francisco.

Speaker: [00:14] I just picked up biking probably like six months ago. You know, it’s good exercise, it’s good for your health, it’s good for the environment.

Speaker: [00:19] I personally feel healthier, less stressed out, it’s faster.

Speaker: [00:25] Oh it’s more fun.

Speaker: [00:26] It’s more fun.

Speaker: [00:27] I haven’t ridden a bike since I was a kid. This is my first time that I’m riding to work and I just got a bike two days ago.

Leah Shahum: [00:33] We have grave challenges facing us individually, everything from ship and oil supply and the rising gas prices to rising sea levels, to global warming to rising [unintelligible 00:42] city rates. Bicycling is booming today because the bicycle is an elegant I think joyful solution to so many of these challenges.

Kevin Drew: [00:53] Right now it’s a great day. You can get on any Golden Gate bus and get your bike on it. And it just increases your mobility and your connections amazingly.

Mark Dwight: [01:01] Fantastic turnout today. I was up at seven o’clock at one of the energiser stations, tons of people there, everybody’s excited and happy, it’s great. And everyone driving is all ordinary.

Jodie Medeiros: [01:11] On an average San Francisco day we know that 30,000 people hop on their bike and ride. So I would say on Bike To Work Day we get a little bit more out there, it’s probably about 50 to 60,000 folks will be riding today.


Monica Leo: [01:29] The way that we celebrate right here is we have set up bike stations at 11 locations in Austin. I’ve been riding my bike to work for eight years and we’re really seeing in Austin a surge, an explosion of people that are using their bikes for transportation.

Fred Meredith: [01:47] Austin has been celebrating Bike Month for I think it goes way back to the ‘70’s actually.

Speaker: [01:55] I like it because it’s fun mostly. Also because it saves gas. Everyday is Bike To Work Day. Yes.


Speaker: [02:04] Good rainy morning.

Speaker: [02:06] Happy Bike To Work Day. You guys get out here, do your thing on a bike. New York is great for bike riding. Do it, it’s a good way to get to work.

Speaker: [02:12] It’s a great feeling to have that… other people out there on the roads with you on your bike and other people supporting you.

Speaker: [02:20] I am riding to work today because I live in Redhook, Brooklyn, and that’s the only way to get to work.

Oksana Miranova: [02:26] We’re here on National Bike To Work Day. We’re on the Brooklyn Bridge and we’re giving breakfast to bikers and pedestrians that are crossing over.

Nora Pena: [02:36] National Bike To Work Day is here to promote cycling and encourage people to commute by bike. And in a city like New York City it’s completely possible to do this.

Speaker: [02:46]: I’ve been excited about Bike To Work Day for a while and I’ve been telling all my friends.

Speaker: [02:52] I’m going into Manhattan to a business meeting Downtown and this is the best way to get there, by bicycle. No traffic, it’s fantastic, it’s beautiful. And it’s good exercise.

Speaker: [03:03] I ride every morning over the Brooklyn Bridge. My office is right by City Hall. It’s the best commute. And just looking out over the East River at the boats all moving around in the harbour, it’s so amazing and you don’t see that from underground, so you got to ride your bike.


Speaker: [03:12] It’s going to be a scorcher day in Portland, Oregon on Bike To Work Day.

Speaker: [03:25] I drop her off at school and then I go into work.


Speaker: [03:40] We’re going to be letting all those new cyclists coming in today, ring the electronic gong.

Speaker: [03:45] I really like it, it makes me feel good by the time I get to work.


Speaker: [04:06] I got a job Downtown and I figured what the heck, it’s better than riding my car. I’ve been doing it about a week or so and pulled my old bicycle out of the garage and got it tuned up and it’s kind of fun and I got rewarded with a sunny week, the week I started. Yeah.

Speaker: [04:26] Everyday. Rain or shine, snow, ice. Back to work.


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