New Streetfilms T-Shirt Contest: Pitch a Streetfilm!

Story ideas. People have them. Sometimes they let us know. Sometimes they don't. Sometimes they are good. Sometimes they are bad. Sometimes we don't have a 1 million dollar budget to pull them off. Heck, sometimes they give us a good one at event and we don't write them down. (Bad Streetfilms! Bad!)

So here is your chance to pitch us a story. There are just a few guidelines for this contest. 1) Since about half of our stories are bike-centric, we are looking for transportation/livable streets ideas that bicycles are not the main focus, but still can be in the story mix. 2) The story has to be one we can get to in the tri-state region by bike, walk or transit. 3) Remember we do not have mega budgets for these things, so if your story involves someone filming while dangling from a helicopter and an exploding car, well it won't get much serious thought.

As loyal Streetfilms viewers know, our stories really run the gamut. From PSA-like to profiles. From covering rallies to complex concepts like Leading Pedestrian Intervals. And we are not above wearing funny Sasquatch outfits to getting the point across. So let your mind race, sometimes the more wacky, the better.

Please enter as many times as you wish by leaving a comment below and use a valid email address so we can contact you. A winner will be chosen by our staff after great deliberation, and then we will do our best to make a Streetfilm out of it. If we super enjoy more than one entry, we may even award more than one t-shirt. So good luck. We will take entries up until Wednesday, Nov 19th.