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NYC Metamorphosis!

I took a long Saturday bike ride to do some research on how some NYC DOT projects are progressing. I am very happy to report things are very much happenin'!

I was so overjoyed to see so many cool things in progress to help NYC become a better world, I couldn't wait to share some b-roll with with you. Hopefully, this will get us psyched about things to come.

So check out this quick short on before/afters of 9th Street Bike Lane, DUMBO Pearl Street Plaza Piazza, Broadway Bus Bulbs, Bedford Avenue Parking Swap, and, my personal favorite, bike rack outside my house!

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  • antonio

    thank you for showing some of the positive things that are happening. it's so easy to get discouraged by all the bad things happening in our cities that we sometimes forget why we love them so much in the first place.

  • v

    great stuff. the 9th street bike lane is looking good...and looks like it's already causing movement of car service cars that usually idle at the 5th ave intersection. no doubt it will take a lot of initial enforcement to get the lane usable (since it's been "extra parking" until now), but the changes are exciting already.

  • http://www.streetsblog.org Nick Grossman

    Great video Clarence. I love the up-to-the-minute video coverage -- I think you should definitely keep doing shorts like this.

  • ecm

    Neat vid! Could anyone tell me where that green--literally, the color green--place in DUMBO is? I'd like to see it for myself, it looks so great!

  • http://www.satanslaundromat.com Mike

    Pearl Street: underwhelming. Instead of planting grass, let's paint the asphalt green! Instead of planting trees, let's drop in some planters! Is that the best they can do?

  • http://www.livablestreets.com/people/trorb/ Clarence


    From what I understand, this is not a permanent installation yet, (see the Streetsblog link above) which will be reviewed in the Fall. So there is the possibility that in the future it might change. But in any event I am willing to take it. Making it a public area versus where two dozen car parking spaces were previously is okay in my book! :)