“NYC’s Summer Streets 2013: Citibikes Abound” & “T.A.’s We Demand our Right of Way Rally”

I stopped by NYC's Summer Streets on Saturday to pick up an interview for another project, but once there was swept away but the thousands of people (easily the busiest one I have ever seen) and had to grab a little bit of video to share. Here it is:

The most amazing thing this time around?  The sheer numbers of folks using Citibikes to cruise up and down Park Avenue. I don't know if they set a daily record Saturday, but surely must have come close. There were long lines at the kiosks (one shot in the video).

Last week, Transportation Alternatives held a rally at City Hall to ask for more action from the city's leaders to do something about the numbers of pedestrians and cyclists still being killed by cars on our streets. And to put the batch of candidates for Mayor on notice that they'll be demanding more from them.  Here is a short video with soundbites from that presser.